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Valenzuela City Sets 600k Bounty for Arrest of Barangay Kagawad’s Murderers


The City Government of Valenzuela, through Mayor WES Gatchalian, offers PhP 600,000 bounty to anyone who could give information to the whereabouts of the suspects in the shooting incident that killed Barangay Kagawad Alexander Liwanag Joseph last June 29, 2022.

The Valenzuela City Police Station (VCPS) identified the two killers as Tito Santiago Salibio alias “Tito” and Carlito Mansueto Abalos alias “Andy” as the hired gunmen who killed Joseph. Each of the suspects has 300k bounty on their heads.

According to the pre-investigation, Joseph, 49, a Barangay Kagawad from Canumay East, Valenzuela City was shot on his way to a school graduation ceremony, as witnessed by his then companion Edwin at around 6:40 in the morning.

Accordingly, two unidentified men pointed a gun on Joseph upon riding on the tricycle. In order to save himself from death, Joseph ran away from the gunmen but unfortunately was chased and cornered, and was shot several times causing him to flump on the pavements.

The suspects quickly ran away and escaped towards Marton Street while the victim was rushed into the Valenzuela Medical Center but was declared dead upon arrival.

After series of search, the investigators found the motorcycle which was used as the escape vehicle parked at Barangay Tañong, Malabon City. The authorities recovered several identification cards inside the compartment including, voter’s ID and Barangay ID of a certain Tito Santiago Salibio and a certificate of registration of the said vehicle.

In the progress of investigation, the authorities identified and arrested a certain person named Michael Lagoc Tamayo Jr. through a witness named Allan.

According to Tamayo Jr., he was the one who prepared the escape vehicle that the two suspects used after killing Joseph. In his sworn statement before the policemen, he narrated his participation on the crime committed, saying he was obliged to prepare as well as hide the escape vehicle that was used in the crime. He even joined the suspects in an ocular they conducted in the crime scene prior to the incident.

As of writing, the Valenzuela City Police Station (VCPS) is still in the process of creating a tactical plan in order to capture the perpetrators.

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