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Valenzuela City Starts Vaccination of Minors with Comorbidities through “VCVax Teen Edition”

Valenzuela City Vax Teen Edition
One of the first #BakunadongKabataan from the Pediatric A3 priority group lines up for registration at the Valenzuela City Astrodome today, October 27, marking the launch of Valenzuela City’s VCVax Teen Edition rollout for minors aged 12-17 years old with comorbidities. (Resty Robert Castro/VC PIO)

The City Government of Valenzuela launches its COVID-19 pediatric vaccination program, VCVax Teen Edition, inoculating around 50 minors aged 12 to 17 years old with comorbidities at the Valenzuela City Astrodome today, October 27.

Minors with comorbidities under the 12-17 age group are being prioritized for the vaccination program as they are at a higher risk of COVID-19 infection.

List of priority comorbidities for pediatric vaccination includes medical complexity, genetic conditions, neurologic conditions, metabolic/endocrine diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, HIV infection, tuberculosis, chronic respiratory diseases, renal disorders, hepatobiliary diseases, and those who are immunocompromised due to a disease or treatment.

Around 50 minors with comorbidities are targeted for today’s rollout at the Valenzuela City Astrodome, the city’s mega vaccination site, which is also beside the Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital (VCEH), one of the select hospitals of the Department of Health (DOH) for the Pediatric A3 COVID-19 Vaccination.

In Valenzuela City, health profiling forms were cascaded through public and private schools and through www.valtrace.appcase.net wherein those identified with comorbidities are prioritized for scheduling. Parents or authorized guardians answered the forms which also gives information on the child’s history of illness, if the child was recently infected COVID-19 or exposed to the virus, and if the parent or guardian is willing to have the child vaccinated against COVID-19.

Minors with comorbidities scheduled for vaccination today are accompanied by their parents and guardians. They were given their own unique ValTrace QR codes for vaccine registration purposes only. Documents were thoroughly checked, in this case, a medical certification given by the attending physician detailing the comorbidities of the vaccine recipient, a medical certification on the template of DOH, and any documentary proof showing the relationship of the vaccine recipient and parent or guardian and/or identification cards.

They also underwent the “Health Education and Informed Consent” process wherein the parent or guardian must sign and understand the Informed Consent Form, and the vaccine recipient will sign the Assent Form. The vaccine recipient will then be screened for vaccination. Valenzuela City administered Pfizer to the recipients as an approved COVID-19 vaccine for the pediatric population.

Throughout the process, the parent or the guardian must be present at all times to assist the vaccine recipient.

Valenzuela City Vax Teen Edition
Valenzuela City administered Pfizer to the vaccine recipients as an approved COVID-19 vaccine for the pediatric population, Valenzuela City Astrodome, October 27. (Resty Robert Castro/VC PIO)

The vaccine recipient will now be monitored after being inoculated with the vaccine and must stay for 15 minutes if he or she does not have any history of allergies or anaphylaxis, and 30 minutes if with history.

Ms. Ruby Rosa Lapara, a resident from Barangay Malinta and a guardian of a student who received the first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine today, expressed her support for the vaccination deployment program of the local government and encourages other parents and guardians to get their children aged 12-17 years old vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Sa mga magulang, sana mapabakunahan niyo pa po ang mga bata para maging mas ligtas po sila sa ating pandemya ngayon… Suportahan po natin ‘yung herd immunity… Tayo po ‘yung mismong aakyson, kung hindi po tayo aaksyon ngayon, kailan pa? Sa pamamagitan ng bakunang ito, ito po ang magtatapos at magwawakas ng pandemyang kinakaharap natin sa ngayon,” Ms. Lapara shared.

Initially, the pilot rollout of the Pediatric A3 COVID-19 Vaccination program began in the National Capital Region (NCR) last October 15 at select hospitals in the region. The City Government of Valenzuela, under the leadership of Mayor REX Gatchalian, has been planning its “VCVax Teen Edition” implementation all with the guidelines set by the DOH.

As of October 24, Valenzuela City has inoculated a total of 795,584 individuals, where 445,791 receiving their first dose and 349,793 now fully vaccinated. The numbers are expected to go up as the vaccine targets expand now that minors aged 12-17 years old can now be vaccinated.

Mayor REX reiterates the local government’s commitment to the COVID-19 vaccine deployment and reminds parents and minors that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a “free pass” to allow children to freely roam and go outside as the virus still looms in the county.

Valenzuela City has always been steadfast on the implementation of our VCVax Rollout Plan. Now, we supplement this effective program with VCVax Teen Edition to cover our Valenzuelano teens with the goal of providing a safe and secured Valenzuela City for our communities, including our children… Let me remind the parents and minors who got their vaccines already… This is not a free pass that you can now go out, let us still practice health protocols and be mindful of the restrictions being imposed,” Mayor REX said.

Valenzuela City Vax Teen Edition

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