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Valenzuela Conducts First Aid Training, Driving Training to Ambulance Drivers

Trainings for Ambulance Drivers
Better Visions : The Valenzuela City Disaster Risk and Management Office (VCDRRMO) leads the Basic First Aid and Life Support Training for Barangay Ambulance drivers, March 3, 2023. This is a two-day training which also includes the checking of their visions. Trainees are expected to have additional skill and be equipped to a given emergency situation correctly after the said training. (Kaye Magno, Photo/Text)

Seeding for a more equipped ambulance drivers in the city, Valenzuela City through Mayor WES Gatchalian in collaboration with the Valenzuela City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (VCDRRMO), conduct a two-day Basic First Aid and Life Support Training, at ClubHouse, Barangay Canumay West, March 3.

About 170 drivers from the 33 barangays of the City registered for the training. In order to accommodate this number of participants, they were divided into three batches – Batch 1 (March 3 and 4); Batch 2 (March 6 and 7); and Batch 3 (March 8 and 9).

Mayor WES previously mentioned his plan to train ambulance drivers in the city when the local government granted a new ambulance for Barangay Veinte Reales. He said, “Alam niyo, mayroon kaming program ni Konsehal Sel Sabino-Sy. Maganda ito, dahi sa March po ay may gagawin kaming professional training para sa ating ambulance drivers. Hindi lang basta-basta training ‘yan, magkaroon tayo ng fundamentals [sa pagbibigay ng paunang lunas].” [You know, me and Councilor Sel Sabino-Sy will have a program. This is good, because in March, we will conduct a professional training for our ambulance drivers. It’s not just training, but also the fundamentals [of giving first aid].

The Basic First Aid and Life Support Training program is a seminar workshop facilitated by VCDRRMO that aims to teach ambulance drivers the basic knowledge they should know before jumping into that type of work.

Trainings for Ambulance Drivers
Life-Saving Hack : Barangay Ambulance drivers start their two-day training on Basic First Aid and Life Support Training, March 3, 2023. The training includes Emergency Medical Services, identifying different injuries, and proper bandaging. This is to give Barangay Drivers the confidence in implementing first aid response immediately after an accident.

The two-day workshop and training were divided into two parts – the first aid seminar, and second, the on-field application of what they learned and acquired from the training. Some of the topics discussed were about the first things drivers should do if they find themselves in an emergency situation.

In a short message, VCDRRMO Head, Dr. Arnaldo Antonio recalled the importance of the role of ambulance drivers in providing first aid and transporting patients to the hospital, “[Sa training na ito,] nahuhubog natin ‘yung konsepto ng 3D – Driving, Discipline, and Dedication. Kasi ang mga ambulance drivers, alam naman nating kritikal ‘yung ating function sa barangay,” he said. [In this training,] we are shaping the concept of 3D – Driving, Discipline, and Dedication. As ambulance drivers, we know that our function in the barangay is critical.]

Aside from the training, the drivers also underwent a visual screening test through the assistance of some optometrists from Valenzuela City. Their eye grades were checked by the specialists to determine whether they would be needing glasses while driving.

Trainings for Ambulance Drivers
Medical Respondents : The Valenzuela City Disaster Risk and Management Office (VCDRRMO) starts the Batch 1 of two-day Basic First Aid and Life Support Training for Barangay Ambulance drivers, March 3, 2023. There will be 3 batches of Barangay Ambulance drivers for them to learn and assess emergency situations and provide appropriate action needed.

Meanwhile, once the participants finish the training, they will attend the two-day Driving Skills For Life training to be facilitated by Ford Motor Company on March 10 and 11, 2023. This program is an initiative of 2nd District Councilor Sel Sabino-Sy, aimed at honing and giving appropriate training to the barangay drivers who will handle the emergency vehicles.

Prior to the launched training for the ambulance drivers, Mayor WES and the local government of Valenzuela City granted an ambulance to Barangay Veinte Reales on February 27, 2023. The said allocated emergency vehicle is in addition to the existing some 136 units owned by the City Government.

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