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Valenzuelano BHWs Get Professional Training

Barangay Health Workers
Professional Barangay Health Workers : About 30 Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) from different barangays graduated from 35-day skills training facilitated by Synergeia Foundation and funded by Johnson & Johnson. The training will equip them for the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) assessment test for Barangay Health Services (NCII). Present at the graduation held November 17, at the Valenzuela Academic Center for Excellence (VALACE) Training Room are Valenzuela City Vice Mayor, Lorie Natividad Borja along with City Health Office Head Dr. Marthony Basco, and Mrs. Chingkel Juan representative of the Synergeia Foundation. (Kevin Gatchalian/Photo,Text)

SYNERGEIA Foundation’s first health program is in unison with Valenzuela City Health Office, a month-long training was conducted to prepare the 31 Barangay Health Workers (BHW) from District 1 and 2 for TESDA certification. Graduation took place at Valenzuela Academic Center for Excellence (ValACE), November 17.

There are only five TESDA Certified Trainers under Health Education Promotion Officers (HEPO) in the country, and Valenzuela City is fortunate to absorb the three of them for the program and to upskill 31 Barangay Health Workers (BHW) from District 1 and 2. The thorough training program was made viable along with the City Health Office’s desire to change the health behavior of the city.

The training scheme of BHW NC II consists of expertness in applying basic first aid, assisting with patient mobility, maintaining beds, handling waste in a healthcare environment, monitoring infection control, implementing high standard healthcare policies and procedures. Hereby, Valenzuela City’s goal is to also establish a self-sufficient training ground so that nearby provinces like Bulacan can also train in the city.

Vice Mayor Lorie pointed out that the program only aimed for the best health service in the city, hence BHW participants were carefully chosen out of each barangay. She also mentioned that the training is breaking some new ground for LGU platforms as this is the first BHW training in the country.

On top of that, she encouraged the BHW graduates to aim high and ace the upcoming Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) assessment test for Barangay Health Services NC II. According to her, passing the test will serve as a gesture of gratitude from the BHW graduates for the skill training that SYNERGEIA Foundation and J&J sponsored.

More Opportunities
More Opportunities (Kevin Gatchalian/Photo,Text)

“Pag nakapasa kayo sa NC II, ‘yun na ‘yung kahit papaano, pasasalamat natin… Pakita nating worth tayong bigyan ng ganitong programa, na pagyayamanin pa natin ito. Para sa susunod, hindi lang tayo ‘yung makinabang dito kundi marami pa.” [When you passed the NC II, that will be, at least, our way of saying thank you… Let’s show that we are worthy of the program, that we’ll thrive. So that in the future, more people (in the community) can benefit from this.]

Vice Mayor Lorie is also confident that eventually, the training will all be fruitful and the BHW graduates can push to the next level of opportunities, thus she reminded them to give back the service and help the community. “Sana tulungan niyo kaming palaguin ang programang ito ng Valenzuela City, na dumating sa punto na hindi lang kayong 31 ang magiging TESDA NC II Certified kundi lahat ng Barangay Health Workers (BHW) natin.” [I hope you can help us with expanding this program of Valenzuela City, that there will come a time not only 31 BHW are TESDA NC II Certified but also all the other Barangay Health Workers (BHW) of our city.]

Graduation (Kevin Gatchalian/Photo,Text)

Furthermore, the consistent support from the local government of Valenzuela City is honored at the commencement since the success of the training program is owed to the past administration of Cong. REX Gatchalian and the current administration of Mayor WES Gatchalian. There are anticipations for the program as this is only the first batch of BHW graduates, a step up to cultivate more competent Barangay Health Workers in the City through equipping them with advanced and quality training.

The Office of Vice Mayor Lorie Natividad Borja initiated the program with the help of Ma’am Chingkel Juan, on behalf of SYNERGEIA Foundation’s president Dr. Nene Guevarra, and Dr. Marthony Basco, City Health Office Department Head.

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