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Victims thank, laud MPD under Gen. Miranda

A FAMILY who had been victimized by a member of the so-called ‘Akyat-Bahay’ gang is profusely thanking operatives of the Manila Police District-Arellano Police Community Precinct for their immediate action.

In no time, the suspect was arrested and the stolen items were recovered.

The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Manolo Garcia, Jr., of 1650 Augusto Francisco St., San Andres Bukid, Manila.

His arrest came when he forcibly entered the house of a Chinese-Filipino family in Malate, Manila. The incident took place last October 9 at around 12:30 a.m.

The victims were said to be in the middle of their sleep when one of them heard movements inside his bedroom.

When one of the victims opened his eyes, he was surprised to see a man standing at the foot of his bed.

The victim screamed for help, scaring off the suspect who ran out of the room.

Immediately, the victim sought help from the nearby police precinct and the lawmen swiftly responded.

The authorities nabbed Garcia who was found still hiding within premises. He was found in possession of the victim’s cellphone.

From the said PCP, the suspect was turned over to the MPD – Station 9 for the filing of a case of robbery in an inhabited place against him, before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

The victims are thus expressing their heartfelt thanks to the hard-working officials of Barangay 751, Zone 81 led by Bgy. Chairman Jessie Agaton and his equally helpful wife Annie and Barangay Kagawads Raymond Sayoto and Katereena Dulce Angeles, Barangay Secretary Rosario Frias and Executive Officer Angelito Angeles.

They also wish to express their gratitude to the policemen who did not hesitate to respond to the victims’ request for immediate assistance.

They are MPD- Arellano Police Community Precinct daytime chief Felixberto Tequil and night duty chief Jerry Terte, Patrolman Lester Pabilla and Patrolman Romnick Pante who cornered the suspect and recovered the items stolen from the victims.

Indeed, the efficiency of Manila policemen had greatly improved since the assumption into office of the new MPD director, Gen. Rolly Miranda.

Miranda, I was told, has been a source of inspiration for MPD policemen, specially the young ones.

Apart from being a true-blue MPD cop who rose from the ranks, Miranda is a silent worker who leads the premier police district by serving as a good example.

Makati City Pabakuna

What I remember about him was when he held the post of station commander with the Vitas slaughterhouse falling under his area of responsibility.

Mayor Fred Lim was the mayor then.

At that time, a multimillion-peso anomaly was uncovered by the city government involving the operations of the said slaughterhouse.

Mayor Lim ordered the operators of the slaughterhouse to pay up or vacate the area but the owners refused.

Miranda led a police team to enforce the takeover of the said city-owned slaughterhouse.

When he arrived there, the owner’s son, Dennis Alcoreza, stood ground and resisted peaceful efforts of the police to regain control of the slaughterhouse.

Then Mayor Lim directed Miranda to enforce a lawful order, saying the Vitas slaughterhouse belongs to the city and should not be run by private individuals.

When Alcoreza refused to budge, the police, led by Miranda, bodily brought him out of the slaughterhouse and it was returned to the control of the city government.

Kudos to the MPD!!!


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