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Video nina Julia Montes, Coco Martin, na super sweet sa Mindoro, viral

Julia Montes
  • The sweetness of Julia Montes and Coco Martin has become more “open”
  • As they stay in Pola, Mindoro, cute and sweet photos would always make their way online
  • As per Bandera-Inquirer, even their mayor would take snaps of the cute couple and would advertise their own tourist spots there
  • The report also revealed that Julia would often be the one to cook for Coco at the set and that both Coco and Julia would love veggies more than anything else

Julia Montes and Coco Martin were so sweet in their photos in Pola, Mindoro.

Many of their fans follow them closely and would often take snaps of their sweet moments. A report from Bandera revealed that fans of Julia and Coco have been following them up closely and would take shots of them at the beach.

“Si Julia po ang taga luto minsan ng ulam nila ni Coco and simple lang po ang gusto nilang pagkain. Mas bet nila ang gulay lang at sariwang isda,” said the unnamed fan.

Julia Montes and Coco Martin

Julia Montes is a Filipina actress. Coco Martin is a Filipino actor and director. Both have starred in box office movies. Both have also done teleseryes.

Photos of Coco Martin, Julia Montes, JM de Guzman, and Director Erik Matti huddling in a meeting gave rise to talks about a possible project. The said photos were shared by MMA pro fighter and coach, Erwin Tagle, on his Instagram account. It immediately made rounds on various sites and snapped up by netizens who gave their own take on what the meeting might have been all about. Matti is known for directing films with unique and controversial subject matters like “BuyBust.”

A photo of Coco Martin and Julia Montes, where the former was draping his arm around Julia has gone viral – The two were not alone though as they were also with JM de Guzman. Both were smiling and were seemingly happy that they were together with some other people. It can be recalled that before the recent photo has gone viral, Coco and Julia were also seen together in Greenhills.

By Josh Medina

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