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VM Yul wants 8,000 ordinances in Manila reviewed, amended, repealed

Yul Servo
VICE Mayor John Marvin C. “Yul Servo” Nieto at the Manila City Council. (JERRY S. TAN)

VICE Mayor John Marvin C. “Yul Servo” Nieto announced his plans to go over all the existing ordinances in the city of Manila, numbering at least 8,000 in total, to either repeal those that are not applicable for the city, or to amend them so that they may be relevant and in keeping with the times.

In an interview with the Manila City Hall Reporters’ Association (MACHRA), Nieto detailed his coordination with the 38 members of the Manila City Council to help him achieve his plan more swiftly.

“Nagpapatulong ako na malinis namin ang mga ordinansa. Nag-start kami sa luma na noon pang 1918, sa mga obsolete, kailangang i-repeal or i-amend. Di na kasi napapanahon ‘yung iba at dapat repasuhin or ayusin ang mga ordinansang luma,” Nieto, who is also the Council’s Presiding Officer, said.

Servo enthused that up to now, the ordinance requiring one to wear Barong Tagalog for men and Baro’t Saya for women before one can walk through the busy streets of Escolta still exists.

Under his plan, Nieto said that such ordinances will be delegated to the different standing committees of the council. Since each of the 38 councilors heads a committee, Nieto said he deems it best to task the aldermen with taking care of what to do with ordinances that have something to do with the committees they chair.

Nieto also said he intends to convene the council for the formulation of the best possible solution or appropriate action on the review of the ordinances.

“Hahatiin sa mga committee ang mga ordinansang makita na nangangailangan ng either amendment o repeal” he explained.

The Vice Mayor expressed his profound intent to assemble an Information Technology team at the Records Section to aid the City Council of Manila to improve the system of bookkeeping ordinances and resolutions and to easily obtain or review such.

Most of all, he wants to give the Manilenyos an avenue to see the progress of the City Council of Manila and to keep them updated with the daily tasks of the Council.

“’Yung mga papers luray na. We aim to achieve ‘yung pagsasaayos, decoding of ordinances. Nakita ko kasi sa Congress ang dali pag nagri-research, ang ginagawa dun ita-type lang ang number or key word” Nieto, who served as Manila third district Congressman for two terms, said.

According to Nieto, a team composed of at least 20 staff members from the city council and the Vice Mayor’s Office will be primarily handling the amendment processes.

“They (team) will codify all penal ordinances so as to keep all such relevant laws in one book to be used by the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government in the City of Manila,” he said.

The Vice Mayor also expressed hope to finish the said plans within his first year in office.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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