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Vocational training on plumbing installation techniques

(Skills training in install and assemble single plumbing unit at CDOCJ-MD)

Cagayan de Oro City – In partnership with the FICCO Community Outreach Foundation Inc. with its chairperson Mr. Isagani B. Daba and the Cagayan de Oro (bugo) School of Arts and Trades (COBSAT) represented by Dr. Miraflor Emata, Vocational School Administrator III, a Community Based Training (CBT) session on “Install and Assemble Single Plumbing Unit” was successfully conducted under the esteemed leadership of JSUPT WILLIAM T MANENGYAO, DPA, City Jail Warden of CDOCJ-MD, and JCINSP DANILO D DELGADO, JR, Chief Welfare and Development Section. Supervised by SJO3 Aldous S Ybañez and JO3 Ricky S Sumalinog, the event witnessed the active participation of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) who demonstrated commendable skills in hot and coldwater line installation for single plumbing units.

The event was made possible through the collaboration of Ms. Almahar Arobinto from Cagayan de Oro (Bugo) School of Arts and Trades (COBSAT) and the FICCO Community Outreach Foundation (FCOF). Their partnership exemplifies a commitment to community development and rehabilitation through education and skill-building initiatives.

The Community Based Training not only provided valuable technical skills but also fostered a sense of empowerment and purpose among the participants. By equipping individuals with practical knowledge and expertise, this initiative aims to facilitate their reintegration into society with enhanced capabilities and prospects for a brighter future.

The success of this training session underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between government institutions, educational establishments, and community organizations in promoting holistic rehabilitation and social reintegration. It is a testament to the transformative power of education and vocational training in breaking the cycle of recidivism and fostering positive change.

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