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We lost a man in the Senate

Miguel Zubiri

It’s all putrid and putrefied politics, translucent and flagrant.

Tragic democracies are born of monocratic Executive, rubber stamp Legislature and politicized Judiciary as manifestly proven in the country since time immemorial — the chief reason, alongside corruption, why we remain a struggling, poor, dumb country.

Independence, wisdom, uprightness, courage, conscience, and statesmanship are the least and last a bad “public servant” could possess. The freshly ousted Senator seems to possess those qualities or has been at least exhibiting traces/spirit of the said qualities.

Oddly, Miguel Zubiri was stripped of his position as Senate President, kicked out by mere “numbers” (lotto, casino or POGO numbers), I mean by those who are on the opposite side of what is ____ and ____ wherein “significant chunks of electromagnetic spectrum are blocked by Earth’s atmosphere, magnetic field and, recently, the growing cacophony of (hideous and insidious) wireless signals,” so to speak.

Senate President Zubiri has his share of shortcomings in promptly passing needed legislative measures, admittedly. But those shortcomings are nothing compared to the greatness that resides within the soul of the man — for the man to be booted out of his headship. Shortcomings can be remedied, but remedying rottenness in Philippine politics is getting nearer to impossibility, given this latest development (or regression).

Lament, my dear countrymen, that our democracy has just lost a man in the person of Zubiri or, more specifically, has lost one of the only (probably) three genuine public servants in the Upper Chamber, much less in the whole legislature. A politician like him comes only once in a lifetime. “Jesus wept.” – John 11:35

Reverse “destiny” while you may.

“Of course, I’m heartbroken. I was not following instructions, that’s why… I disobeyed the powers that be. It’s sad because I did everything to protect the independence of the Senate… God knows what I had to do to defend the Senate (country). I fought the good fight. If I have ruffled some feathers in doing so, if I have upset the powers that be, then so be it.” – Miguel Zubiri


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