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What Are the Popular Sports in the Philippines?

In the olden days, the Philippines was more of a recluse nation when it came to international sports. The people of the Philippines were more interested in and accustomed to playing and watching the type of sports that was indigenous to the Philippines itself. These included games called the street games of the Philippines. Some examples include Chinese Garter, Luksung Baka, Patintero and so on. These ‘Larong Kayle’ or street games were the only games that children in the Philippines were privy to and the most famous of them all was Langit-Lupa. However, over time, with the communication gaps closing, the Philippines also got their dose of international sports. There was a massive shift in sports fan bases in the country with several Filipino people now being fond of sports from outside their home country. There is a significant sports betting circle as well that could benefit from these tips by Telecomasia.net.

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Some of the most popular sports in the Philippines are as follows:

  • Basketball: This sport swooped in straight to the hearts of the people all over the Philippines and carved a niche out in the sports categories with a national basketball team and players of world renown to add to the list. These include the Philippine Basketball Association or the PBA founded in 1975, the national team called the Gilas Pilipinas and the star players, James Yap and Robert Jaworski, the latter being considered a legend in the field;
  • Football: You will never see any street gaming session in the Philippines without watching a football game going on in the corners with children rushing about with the ball and trying to make the goal. The Filipinos love their football games and are a huge fan of international football, which is fairly evident with all the large number of them following all the football championships all over the world;
  • Boxing: This sport is not only popular in the Philippines, but also a space of intense competition, with the country producing more than 38 world champions in various weight categories of the sport. It is also a college precursor that gives the youth great scholarships in the Philippines. Other than locally famous boxers like Pancho Villa, Cefering Garcia and so on, the Philippines has also produced the likes of Manny Pacquiao, ranked 10th in the world and 4th in Asia;
  • Sepak Takraw: This sport is famous and a family favorite not just in the Philippines but also in Malaysia. With the two words in the sports having one from each country, ‘Sepak’ is the Malay word for kick and ‘takraw’ is the Thai word for woven ball, it is a classic compromise between the two countries where this sport has a lot of takers. It is like football but not exactly. With a net in between two halves (just like in tennis), the teams try to kick the ball and win by not missing;
  • Traditional Sports: Some traditional or regional Filipino sports are also popular and very well loved in the country. These include Arnis (weapon based martial arts), Sikaran (a type of kickboxing where the hands are only used to block), Dumog (a type of wrestling), and Sipa;