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Which Operating System is Better for Video Editing – macOS or Windows?

Mac or Windows

The most viewed content on the internet today is videos. A well-edited video can help businesses increase customer engagement and generate leads. A poor-quality video has the potential to ruin the reputation of any brand. Choosing the right operating system is important for editing videos.

Mac and Windows are the most widely used operating systems. Both macOS and Windows have clear setup processes, but their features vary considerably. To utilize the best software and hardware for video editing, knowing the specifications of both macOS and Windows is a must.

Better OS for Video Editing- Factors to Consider

The two popular options for video editing are- macOS and Windows. Both Mac and PC provide wonderful video editing platforms. Their features vary to some degree.

A Mac is known for its sleek design and stand-out elements of graphics. A PC is recognized for its customizable nature. The choice must be made depending upon the video editing needs.

There are ample factors to consider while choosing the right operating system for video editing. Here, are the key factors:

  • Budget.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Software and Hardware.
  • Upgrade.
  • Storage.
  • Colors and Fonts.
  • Video Editing Software.
  • Compatibility with Software.
  • Smooth Transition.
  • File Transfer.
  • Security.

With the advancement of technology, various apps are available at the ease of creators. The difficulty arises while choosing the operating system for better video editing. The choice of an OS for video editing must depend upon the particular needs.


A macOS is expensive, it costs around 1000 USD and more while Windows can be bought for about 300 USD. A Mac is costlier than Windows but is highly user-friendly.

A Mac has excellent features compared to a cheaper Windows PC. A great PC with similar video editing features like a Mac also costs around 1000 USD.

PCs at reasonable prices are good for regular video editing. Macs are a great choice for professional video editing.


A PC is a bulky system compared to a lightweight Apple computer. A Mac comes with a highly user-friendly interface. Users find it easy to use a macOS over Windows. 

Troubleshooting on a Windows PC is considered hectic by users. Initially, it seems a little difficult, but users get adjusted to Windows with time. 

Mac keeps updating its features to make it more compatible with the newer versions of software. The latest version of video editing software will be easy to use on a computer with macOS. 

Software and Hardware

  • Software: Windows is undoubtedly the most popular OS. The market is dominated by PCs with Windows as the operating system. The huge selling of Windows licenses has made it possible. 

Windows has a wide range of software; its library has become broader with time. There are more chances that Windows will be compatible with most of the free video editing softwares floating on the internet. 

A macOS, with limited popularity, is in high-demand among artists and creators. Stunning creative apps are available on Mac. A professional video editing software with powerful tools will run smoothly on a computer with macOS.

Macs are associated with excellent graphic designs. Professional video editors and businesses prefer Macs as graphic design is linked to video creation.

  • Hardware: The better the hardware, the quicker it is to finish a video editing process. A powerful computer provides outstanding performance and increases efficiency. A video editing software runs smoothly, allowing an editor to complete the task in a short time. 

Macs generally come with an i5 Intel Core, which lets easy editing. But the latest i7 Intel Core provides splendid video rendering and processing.

Most of the high-performing Windows PCs come with an i5 Intel Core. To buy an i5 Intel Core, it is best to buy a PC with Windows. It would offer high rendering.

A high RAM is required for good video editing software. Generally, both the operating systems come with a minimum of 8 GB RAM, which is the requirement for smooth editing of a video. If a user wishes to expand the RAM for an even more efficient video editing, Windows is the perfect option. Both Mac and Windows use SSD for rapid file access. 


Upgrades are available with Windows. Users can upgrade hardware by themselves too. Updating software allows one to fix bugs. 

A system can be assembled as per one’s need with the facility of upgrade. Some creators need to use different hardware for editing purposes. Movie Makers use Windows for editing movies and videos. 

Mac does not provide much scope for upgrading. Storage can be upgraded only for a few Macs. Macs come with limitations of upgrading hardware, but the original hardware has better longevity. 

Contrarily, the hardware of Windows can be upgraded easily.


Large storage space is a necessity for using video editing software. Today, critical design tools come even with free video editing softwares. Editing requires large storage for easy access, editing, and fast transfer. 

Macs and PCs come with a range of storage capacities. A user can expand the storage in PCs and older Macs. The storage in newer Macs cannot be expanded.

But with the availability of external storage drives in the market, upgrading storage space has become easy for both Macs and PCs.

Colors and Fonts 

Typography, visuals, and colors are an integral part of videos. Macs have an edge over Windows when it comes to design elements of typography, colors, and graphics. 

  • The font standardization in Macs has made creators gravitate towards macOS. The fonts in Windows appear edgy.  
  • The improved color elements in Mac are remarkable for video editing. A Mac is unbeatable when it comes to the display.
  • A Mac is known among creators for its incredible display features. Most of the designers and artists rely upon Mac for professional editing.

Video Editing Software

A Mac comes with plenty of outstanding applications. These apps can be directly used to edit high-quality videos. Downloading a free video editing software is also an option. 

Windows PCs have a higher number of applications, but most of them are useless when it comes to video editing. But powerful video editing software can be added to Windows.

Both free and premium video editing software are available online to make videos look more professional than ever.

Compatibility with Software

Windows are more compatible with different software. A variety of wonderful video editing software can be used on Windows. Most of the free video editing softwares will run smoothly on PCs.

Macs rely upon their impressive library of software. 

Smooth Transition

With macOS, the editing can be carried out consistently across all platforms. Windows do not offer as smooth app integration as the macOS.

A creator can effortlessly create and edit videos for a polished finish. While working on a computer with macOS, the efficiency increases by multiple folds. The reason is smooth integration and high speed.

File Transfer

The size of the video content is increasing with the incorporation of polished graphics and high-resolution shots. Editors prefer devices that transfer large files quickly and smoothly.

The data transfer in Macs is faster compared to PCs with Windows. Today, unique ports in Macs allow file transfer at the rate of 40 GB per second. This is beyond what PCs can offer.


According to surveys, Mac users are subject to fewer attacks compared with their counterparts using PCs. 

Today, the risk of hacking has increased globally. Safety is a major concern for businesses creating commercial videos. Videos contain crucial company and customer data that must be appropriately handled. 

Devices compatible with macOS are the safest to use for video editing. Renowned businesses rely upon Macs to get the editing done to stay safe from hackers and spyware.

Mac Operating System for Video Editing

The key advantages and disadvantages of using a computer with macOS are:


  • User-friendly.
  • Great display.
  • High data transfer speed.
  • Works great with other Apple devices.
  • Offers ultimate security.


  • It is pricey.
  • It is incompatible with different software.
  • Newer Macs cannot be upgraded.

Windows for Video Editing

People nowadays prefer watching polished videos, which they share with their family and friends. With almost every company using video content to market, the competition has become fierce. Top businesses are investing great time and money to edit video content to make them look professional. The key advantages and disadvantages of using a Windows-compatible device are:


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be easily upgraded
  • Customizable
  • Compatible with different software
  • Many ports


  • Bulky
  • Limited display features
  • Security issues

The gap between a Mac and a PC is closing, with Microsoft offering high-quality video editing tools and a touchscreen facility to create graphics. Apple is offering better efficiency and is coming close to PCs with enhanced productivity. 


In the era of social media, video content has become the most powerful tool used by businesses to gain popularity. If a user-friendly ecosystem is a topmost priority and working within the Apple environment is a preference, a macOS is the perfect choice for video editing. If one is looking for a budget-friendly solution and has to work with multiple software, a customizable PC with Windows is the best choice.

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