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Who Should Man City Sign to Replace Sergio Aguero?

Man City to Replace Sergio Aguero

This season saw the end of the association of Man City and superstar striker Sergio Aguero after ten glorious years. Few could have predicted the success they enjoyed together and although City was certainly on the way up, Aguero provided that final spark and even was responsible for probably the most famous moment in their history, scoring a vital late winning goal to secure their first-ever Premier League title in 2012.

But now the search continues for a new forward, one that can hopefully even write more chapters in the history books of the club. It is a big task to try to replace him but it must be done and all avenues must be considered. A wise choice could see continued success, a poor one leaving the door open to other rivals to challenge their recent domestic dominance.

The team has been looking so strong in recent years, the potential is there to keep all other contenders at bay. But who has been mentioned, and who has online bookmakers and casino sites installed as favorites to move there?

Expensive but Experienced

It’s not often players of Harry Kane’s caliber come up for sale to domestic rivals anymore. It appeared to be the case during the summer that he wanted out of Tottenham, but Daniel Levy, Tottenham’s hard man negotiator, seemed determined to scupper any deal. Selling your top striker is a bad sign to the fans and even to the club’s other players of a lack of ambition. While it did not happen during the last transfer window, don’t be surprised if Man City makes another move for Kane next time around.

The issue is that Kane and others feel he will have to move on to achieve success at club level and Man City could be the perfect fit. Concerns remain as to whether manager Antonio Conte has what it takes to get the best from the Tottenham team. Kane has been banging in goals for years and the service he would get from players of such quality as Kevin de Bruyne at City would continue to terrorize defenses in England. With a massive transfer fee being mentioned, Man City’s rich owners will ensure the club are in the driving seat for his signature.

The Future of Football

While we have been privileged to watch the glittering careers of Ronaldo and Messi, sadly their time is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s time for a new era of superstars and Europe appears to be sitting up and taking notice of two fantastic strikers who could be battling over the next decade or so vying to be the best. Options are available at online betting sites if you wish to have a wager on who will be the next superstar striker for Man City.

Kylian Mbappe, currently with PSG, is the second most expensive football player of all time. Moving originally from Monaco, he has developed into one of the most sought-after players in Europe. While PSG is adamant they will not allow him to leave, there is nothing to stop him from running down his contract and leaving for free. If Man City can’t wait, whatever the fee is, they would be getting a superstar who could be at the top for many years to come.

Erling Haaland of Borussia Dortmund is also high on most clubs’ shopping lists. While just slightly younger than Mbappe, he would also come in at a cheaper price. The fact that Haaland’s father played for City has led some to speculate it is inevitable he will eventually end up there. Despite his young age, he has been racking up the goals and his next club could reap the benefits of his progress.

A Missed Opportunity?

People have run out of ways to describe Lionel Messi. While this transfer proved not to be, speculation had been rife for years that Messi would love a reunion with Pep Guardiola. The two enjoyed amazing success together at Barcelona in what has been referred to as one of the greatest club sides of all time.

Being at Barcelona for so long and getting looked after so well, it was a massive shock when it was announced he would be leaving the club. Becoming a free agent, Barcelona simply did not have the money to offer him a new contract as they are having severe financial difficulties. So one of the greatest players of all time moved on to French club PSG leaving Man City fans to wonder what might have been.

Is the Answer already There?

Raheem Sterling had a fantastic Euro 2020, scoring a few goals in the process. While not having his most productive domestic season, he is still a top-class player. Gabriel Jesus has not been as productive as Guardiola would like and it’s hard to see the trust being rested on his shoulders. The squad contains many creative players which are capable of scoring goals, it’s just no one seems to be an out-and-out striker.

It would be a shame for the club if they were to miss out on trophies due to a lack of goals, especially with the amount of money they have at their disposal. The forward line is somewhere they need to strengthen, any of the above names mentioned would thrive playing alongside playmakers like Mahrez, Silva, or Foden. With all the other top sides seeming to have good quality strikers, now is the time for City to invest.


Man City appears to have a bit of a dilemma on the striker front but they seemed to cope well last season. Yet many wonder why they don’t act and sign a top-class striker in case they get left behind. Big names are available, they just need to tread carefully and pick wisely who fits their profile without affecting their wage structure too much.

Other players can get upset when new signings arrive, especially if things don’t go the way they are hoped, but signings should provide such a boost to the club and the fans it would not seem like the right time for bickering. Their main priority should be to buy the best player for the job to continue the success of the past. Either way, the vast majority of casinos online still have City as favorites for the title again this season.

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