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Why does De Lima remain in jail?


Leila De Lima, a former senator and justice secretary, is undaunted in declaring recently that she will gain freedom based on the merits of her case and not for humanitarian reasons because, in her own words, “the DOJ has no case against me from the very beginning… it is all fabrication of charges…”

Oddly, De Lima remains in jail even after the recantation of major witnesses who were merely coerced to testify against her. Absurd, cruel, hellish. “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” – Proverbs 21:15.

Free De Lima. Jail the demagogues and demigods instead – and so let justice rule and reign in our land. Selective justice is worse than injustice. A public official who practices such a perversion is, in reality, an enemy of the state and people – a liability to progress, good governance and a just, humane society. Bane.

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