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Why Kris’ TV comeback isn’t happening

KRIS Aquino’s fans who are still hoping that her talk show on TV5, “Love Life with Kris”, would still push through will surely be disappointed as Kris herself posted on her own social media account, which she deactivated for a while after it was reported that her show had problems, that it’s now definitely kaput. We thought it’s just been shelved, but it turns out Kris had a permanent falling out with the blocktime producers of her projected show.

“Hindi nahilot kung anuman ‘yung naging problema nila,” a source told us. And this is what Kris herself wrote:

“This is a life update post that I wish I didn’t have to make, BUT it’s something I’m facing up to in order to truthfully move on… My hoped for TV comeback isn’t happening, the producer chose somebody else that he and his sales team felt was more viable. No sugarcoating from me, you’re getting the honest truth.”

She adds that she’s not losing hope. “I would like to believe that I’m now a glass half full type of person – I no longer wish to focus on what’s not given, rather I am so very grateful for blessings we receive, and YES, our health is the most precious one. I continue to have faith that there will be opportunities – all in God’s perfect timing. I continue to have faith there will be other opportunities – all in God’s perfect timing.”

She says she has first to really be certified healthy before she returns to work. “I need a Fit to Work clearance. I have had some autoimmune flares during this pandemic, so I’m being cautious—obeying my doctors. Hopefully when I get my next blood panel in a couple of weeks gumanda na ang numbers ko. Mahirap mag-risk, especially after our close call. Kaya obedient talaga ako.”

The close call refers to four people working with her son Bimby being tested positive for corona virus infection. It’s good she and Bimby remain negative but they have to quarantine themselves as they’re both high risk patients with their asthma.

She added: “We strictly isolated ourselves for 2 weeks. We then had the ECLIA (electro-chemi-luminescence immuno-assay) test done to be sure we weren’t asymptomatic, and again we were negative. In the big picture of life, we are still fortunate.”

‘Mahilig din ako sa showbiz’

Luchi Cruz Valdes: Usapang Real LifeLUCHI Cruz Valdes had an online presscon for her show, “Usapang Real Life” or URL and she admitted that Ted Failon is definitely moving to TV5. Ted will start on September 21 both on TV and radio. He will anchor the evening newscast and also do his own show on Radyo Singko.

Makati City Pabakuna

Luchi at 54 is now hosting a lifestyle and entertainment show, “URL”, shown Saturdays on TV5 at 9 PM, with primetime replay on Sundays at 7:00PM on Colours, and also available on Cignal TV CH. 202 HD & 60 SD. ‘URL’ is line-produced by ContentCows Company of Ms. Wilma Galvante. It shows Luchi in a new light as a nurturing and compassionate talk show host to her celebrity guests from the world of entertainment.

Since the show started a month ago, her guests included KC Concepcion, Karen Davila, Jane de Leon, Alessandra de Rossi, as well as athletes, digital influencers and Luchi’s own colleagues. ‘URL” is definitely a far cry from the investigative shows she did before. Is she moving away from news and public affairs?

“No, it’s not a career shift,” she explains. “It’s just a parallel. Sabihin na lang natin na it’s just another side branch, but the main trunk is still news…hard news. I remain the head of TV5 News, so I’m still making hard decisions that are editorial and managerial as well. So, I’m not living that trunk. I have just been given this new opportunity to branch into something. And yes, it’s a welcome opportunity for sure.”

How would this affect her image as a hard hitting news journalist?

Luchi Cruz Valdes“I don’t really know. Hindi ko talaga iniiisip ang career ko in terms of what people would of think me, or what my parents would say. It’s just my credibility that I take care of. And as far as that is concerned, I feel that whether I’m talking to the President of the Philippines, or I’m talking to a controversial celebrity, as long as I ask the right questions that must be asked, as best as I can, then I’ve done my job, so I don’t see any conflict there.”

Did she have to adjust hosting a lighter show? “It’s not like naman I’m doing something that is absolutely new. I’m sure you’ve seen Christiane Amanpour on CNN interviewing celebrities on her show. It doesn’t detract from the fact that she’s a hardline journalist, and she’s not the only one. As far as we journalists naman are concerned, everything naman to us is news.”

For her, showbusiness is most certainly also news. “ And yes, celebrities, whether they like it or not, are potential great news subjects. E, mahilig din naman ako sa showbiz. Bata pa ako, Vilmanian na ako, e. I do a lot of surfing and I check out what stars are doing. Pero yun na nga, napunta ako sa hard news, e. Kasi, ang gusto ko nga, maging news anchor. Talagang dream ko ‘yun. Pero mas na-sideline ako sa trabahong investigative journalist. So dun talaga ako for the most of my career.”

Watch out for Luchi’s new shows where she will interview Judy Ann Santos, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and power couples Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna.

Publication Source :    People's Journal
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