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Will Marcos Jr.’s 2024 SONA Address the Urgent Environmental Crises?

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Reiterating Our Commitment to the 15-Point Green Agenda in the Upcoming 2024 SONA

15-Point Green Agenda in the Upcoming 2024 SONAAs we approach the third State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the 15-point Green Agenda. We recognize the critical juncture at which our nation stands and the pressing need for decisive action on environmental protection and sustainability.

The declining trust and performance ratings of the current administration, coupled with growing public dissatisfaction, underscore the importance of prioritizing environmental issues. We urge the government to take bold steps in addressing the worsening impacts of climate change, the geopolitical tensions in the West Philippine Sea, and the brewing political instability.

Judicious Assessment of Previous SONAs

The Makakalikasan Party, an environmental political group, judiciously assessed Marcos Jr.’s first SONA. They highlighted a lack of concrete action on environmental protection and climate change, arguing that the administration’s policies were insufficient in addressing the urgent ecological crises facing the country. Mr. Rommel Ortega, Secretary-General of the Makakalikasan Party, emphasized the need for more decisive government action, better disaster preparedness, and stronger environmental policies to protect the Philippines from the escalating threats posed by climate change. He pointed to the increased frequency and severity of typhoons, rising sea levels affecting coastal areas, and unpredictable weather patterns disrupting agricultural activities, underscoring the pressing need for a comprehensive climate action plan in the upcoming SONA.

Key Components of the 15-Point Green Agenda:

  1. Climate Action: Implement comprehensive climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies to protect our communities from natural disasters.
  2. Renewable Energy: Promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  3. Sustainable Agriculture: Support sustainable farming practices to ensure food security and protect our natural resources.
  4. Forest Conservation: Strengthen efforts to protect and restore our forests, which are vital to biodiversity and climate regulation.
  5. Marine Protection: Safeguard our marine ecosystems and assert our territorial rights in the West Philippine Sea.
  6. Waste Management: Enhance waste management systems to reduce pollution and promote recycling.
  7. Clean Water: Ensure access to clean and safe water for all communities.
  8. Urban Green Spaces: Increase urban green spaces to improve air quality and provide recreational areas for citizens.
  9. Public Transport: Develop sustainable public transportation systems to reduce carbon emissions.
  10. Environmental Education: Promote environmental awareness and education at all levels of society.
  11. Green Jobs: Create green jobs that contribute to sustainable development and economic growth.
  12. Disaster Preparedness: Strengthen disaster preparedness and response mechanisms.
  13. Sustainable Tourism: Encourage eco-friendly tourism practices that protect natural and cultural heritage.
  14. Pollution Control: Implement stricter pollution control measures to protect air, water, and soil quality.
  15. Biodiversity Protection: Preserve and protect the country’s rich biodiversity through comprehensive conservation efforts.

Embracing Eco-Spirituality

Orlando Ravanera, Chairperson of the Makakalikasan Party, calls for a profound transformation in how we relate to our environment, emphasizing eco-spirituality as an imperative call of our times. “Humanity is now in the precipice of its 6th extinction,” Ravanera warns. “Climate change has indeed worsened, manifesting the painful truism that the threat of ecological disasters is not just an ecological problem but glaringly a human problem as well.”

Ravanera points to the severe consequences of environmental degradation and unbridled materialism. “We must change our way of life,” he asserts. “We have ransacked nature, treating it as a mere resource. To save humanity, it has become imperative not to maximize consumer goods and short-term profit but to maximize our values, to fully change our belief systems, and to advance eco-spirituality to regain back our ancient bond with sacred nature.”

Our Call to Action

We call on President Marcos Jr. to prioritize the Green Agenda in his upcoming SONA. It is imperative that the administration takes concrete actions to address the urgent environmental challenges facing our nation. The Makakalikasan Party will continue to advocate for policies and programs that align with our 15-point Green Agenda, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for all Filipinos.

A Message from Our President

Roy Cabonegro, President of the Makakalikasan Party, issues a heartfelt call to action to all members and supporters: “We must exert any and all pressure on the Office of the President to influence the upcoming SONA 2024 to focus on prioritizing the 15-point Green Agenda. Our collective efforts are crucial in steering our nation towards a sustainable and resilient future. Let us stand united and persistent in our advocacy for environmental protection and climate action.”

In solidarity with our fellow citizens, we remain steadfast in our mission to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Together, we can build a greener and more prosperous Philippines.

Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines

For more information on our 15-point Green Agenda, please visit our website: www.naturepartyph.weebly.com

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