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‘Wiper kids’ on Roxas Blvd a disaster waiting to happen

WITH the holidays just around the corner, the so-called ‘wiper boys’ are back with a vengeance!

These past few days, motorists passing by the northbound and southbound lanes of Roxas Boulevard are once again greeted by the sight of children who risk their lives and limbs racing toward vehicles approaching a red traffic light, in complete disregard of the danger they are creating for themselves.

Armed with soap in bottled water containers and glass wipers, these kids, some as small as those normally aged five, would run to the still moving vehicles, spray them with soap and begin using their wipers.

No amount of signalling them not to wipe would stop them. Some would even bang their wiper on your windshield or window if you signal that you don’t want their ‘service.’

Some meanwhile, would hold on to whatever they can while the car is moving while demanding for money and would let go of their grip all of a sudden, so that if a motorist is behind the car concerned, he will be surprised and may cause him to lose control of the vehicle and either hit or run over the kid.

The scarier part is that some of the kids are too small for big vehicles, even just vans, to immediately see.

Once they get hit, the poor, innocent motorist will not only be held liable but will also have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life, should something really bad happen to the kid or if the victim dies.

The presence of the said kids are indeed a perfect recipe for disaster, both for the kids and the innocent motorists.

What is even more disappointing in the case at hand is that the areas where these children ‘operate’ are but a few meters away from the Ermita Police Station located near the Manila Hotel.

These children loiter along T.M. Kalaw, at the corner of T.M. Kalaw and Roxas Boulevard both southbound and northbound and near the corner of Quirino Avenue, among others.

I remember having written about a bad experience with teenaged wiper boys in the same areas early this year. These boys were inhaling rugby and are therefore ‘high’ as they harass motorists.

For some time, the problem was resolved. I am not sure if it was the then sitting chief of the police station at that time who acted on the report or the one who succeeded him.

The fact that these kids do their thing freely the whole day is an indication that the policemen assigned in the said station are not making the rounds in their area of jurisdiction, or they would have surely seen the hazards these kids bring to themselves and the motorists passing in the areas I have mentioned.

The nation is celebrating the National Children’s Month (NCM) from November 1 until November 30, with focus set on upholding the rights of children during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Need I say that under the rules set by the Inter-Agency Task Force, children 17 or younger are not allowed to loiter outside?

Oh, and before I forget. None of these children wear face masks too.


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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