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The Woman Behind NouVelle Haute Couture Marianne Martin

Marianne Martin

Famed fashion designer Ianne Martin was born Marianne Martin on December 23, 1975, in Manila, Philippines.  She is the youngest child and only daughter of a businessman, Eddie Martin and his wife, Jeng Martin. Marianne is known to her close friends and family as “Ianne”. Her mom and grandmother raised her, as her father was very active in the business during her childhood.

During her early years, Ianne used to create bows and bags and then would sell them to her classmates and teachers.  She became popular in school, not only because of her beautiful face, but more so of her scholastic and entrepreneurial abilities.

Ianne’s creativity was honed by her grandmother.  She was taught how to create things out of spare fabrics, ribbons, laces and beads.  She was trained how to perfect her craft during her early years.  She continued creating and selling her crafts even during her high school and university years and because of that, she represented the Youth Foundation and became the Ambassadress of beauty and brain in her university.  She also pursued modelling at a very young age of 14.  She believes that a person should not stop learning.  True to her words, she mastered herself on how to be productive.  Due to her perseverance, one of her goals is to earn her first million by the age of 20.  She opened a business whilst studying.  She opened a store of “ready-to-wear” clothes that she brought in from Hong Kong, Thailand and Korea.  With her family and friends’ support, she earned her first million exactly how she believed in – at the age of 20.

Marianne Martin has a very light and bubbly personality, she is a friend to all, most especially to those who were being bullied as she was very much against bullying even up to present.  To sum up her childhood and school life, Ianne describes it as “The Fundamental of Learning”.

Marianne finished Bachelor of Science major in Tourism. During that time, the influx of China-made clothes played a major role of bringing her “ready-to-wear” clothing business into bankruptcy.  That became her deciding factor to change her line of business, hence the birth of M Travel Agency.  She is without any experience in joining the workforce.  Not having work experience did not stop her to pursue her becoming an entrepreneur.  Passion for travel and fashion are the only bullets she had in her hands to jump-start her business once again.  In her every travel, she is hell bent in discovering latest trends in fashion and entrepreneurship.  During these times, she met a good friend from Indonesia and they ventured on additional product, which is furniture.  She did not have any idea on furniture making, but her keen sense of style and design lead her to be successful in the furniture business.

She met the man of her dreams during the peak of her career as entrepreneur.  The career that she loved and worked hard for became one massive hindrance to her building a family.  She had difficulty during her pregnancy and she little by little withdrawn herself from the career she loves, as her husband’s request.  She went to the United States to have her pregnancy be well-monitored, all she had were small figurines of Sto. Nino and St. Pio.  Miraculously, Ianne gave birth to Joshua, her only child.  Ever since, Ianne became the domesticated one.  Ianne was always with her son most especially during his formative years.

As the saying goes, “once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur”.  Up until her son’s 6th birthday, she started to get back to working again, but this time with out her husband knowing.  She even went back to school and formalized her interest in fashion by studying in Philippine Fashion Institute and then the birth of Nouvelle Haute Couture happened.  Balancing career, family and friends has never been difficult for Ianne as she always have a superb sense of time management.

One of Marianne’s dreams is to travel the world before reaching 40, and she did.  Together with her family, they always travel every chance they have, from Asia to Africa to North America and South America to Europe and Australia.  She believed that in every place she goes, there is at least, one learning that she has to take.  Travelling became her bonding time with her family most especially with her son.  Ianne’s love for her family is way beyond understanding, she will travel the world to get together with them so her son will know and never forget about them.  You reap what you sow, as how Ianne always say.  If she plants goodness in her son’s heart, goodness will grow in it and be shared to everyone that he meets.

Establishing Nouvelle was not easy for Ianne.  Just like any other businesses, it requires time and hard work.  It is more difficult for Ianne during its starting stage, as she did not want her family to know that she’s running the business, because her husband might stop her in doing so, but because of her perseverance and passion, Nouvelle Haute Couture propelled to become known fashion house to politicians, models and celebrities like Kim Chu, Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga and Ruffa Mae Quinto to name a few.

Nouvelle Haute Couture characteristics that are known to its clients are clean lines, elegant and comfortable.  By having Nouvelle Haute Couture, you are not just getting fabulous clothing line, but you also help Nouvelle’s long-serving and loyal team.

Nouvelle Haute Couture continues to soar in the industry of fashion.  For other clients to be aware of her designs, Nouvelle fashion house remains in the limelight by continuously showcasing its merchandise through fashion shows, and dressing up celebrities.

2018 is the year of unleashing the pride of Nouvelle, the head designer, Ms Marian Martin.  She may have reservations in the beginning as she has the typical “behind the scene” type of personality, but she is now ready to take her position as the design leader of Nouvelle Haute Couture, balancing her time for family and business.

For the next few years, Marianne Martin will focus on Nouvelle Haute Couture’s transition to Marian Martin Fashion House.  The future Nouvelle Haute Couture will be more vigilant in setting the trend of the future in fashion.