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World Bank cites Manila Water as “Utility of the Future”

MANILA Water, the water and wastewater service provider for the East Zone of Metro Manila and Rizal Province, was recently recognized by the World Bank for its commitment to become a “Utility of the Future”. Through the World Bank’s Water Global Practice’s Utilities of the Future lnitiative, a “Utility of the Future” is defined as “a future-focused utility which provides reliable, safe, inclusive, transparent, and responsive water supply and sanitation services through best-fit practices that allow it to operate in an efficient, resilient, and sustainable manner”.

The Utilities of the Future Initiative is a diagnostic tool and action-planning methodology to help utilities overcome their challenges and achieve the SDGs in a resilient and sustainable way.

Manila Water has been participating in the program since September 2020, beginning with the thorough self-assessment of the company’s service, performance, and maturity, using the diagnostic tool and methodology developed by the program delivery team engaged by World Bank. Then based on the outcome of the assessment, the company is expected to develop an immediate 100-day action plan, as well as longer-term plans that are future-focused. The program places emphasis on “resilience, circular economy, innovation, efficiency, and technology” in the participating utility’s action planning.

Using the program’s diagnostic tool, Manila Water ranked “world-class” in six (6) criteria and “well-performing” in four (4) other criteria. Performance and maturity were measured in commercial operations, technical operations, organization and strategy, human resources management, and financial management. Service aspects and enabling environment areas were likewise assessed.

For the team that has gone through the most difficult challenges in history, this is a very meaningful recognition. Through the various crises in the past two years, we have transformed to become even better than we have ever been. As we continue to participate in the program, we remain steadfast in our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with world-class water and wastewater services,” Manila Water President and CEO Jose Rene Almendras said.