XG’s latest vocal videos, titled [XG VOX #5] XGLEE CLUB (HINATA, JURIA, CHISA) was released yesterday, June 25th and features XG’s main vocalists HINATA, JURIA and CHISA, who give a stunning performance, singing in English, Japanese and Korean.

HINATA takes on Kriz’s “Bad (ft. WOODZ)” with the Seoul’s Han River Bridge as a backdrop. JURIA sings “Shape Of My Heart” a remix medley by STING, UTADA HIKARU and CRAIG DAVID, while CHISA performs Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” from a New York bodega. Lastly, the three perform TLC’s classic, “No Scrubs”, a fusion of 90s R&B with XG vibes bringing a contemporary style to the track.

Since before their debut, XG have been releasing a number of videos, such as XG VOX, XG TAPE, and XG MOVE that showcase the members’ vocals, rap and dance skills. XG VOX #5 in particular, a performance video in three languages, received a huge response globally when it was released.

Following their performance at the “Head In The Clouds” LA concert, XG have also announced that they will perform at LA’s “KCON”.

We can’t wait to see what the girls do next on the global stage.


Performed by HINATA Original Track: Kriz – Bad (ft. WOODZ)
Performed by JURIA Original Track: Shape Of My Heart (STING x UTADA HIKARU x CRAIG DAVID) REMIXX
Performed by CHISA Original Track: Michael Jackson – Rock With You
Performed by HINATA, JURIA, CHISA Original Track: TLC – No Scrubs


XG are a seven member HipHop/R&B-inspired girls group consisting of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA and COCONA.


The group debuted on March 2022 with their 1st single “Tippy Toes” from XGALX, a global entertainment production company that introduces BOLD culture to the world and produces artists with a unique world view.

In June of the same year, they released their 2nd Single “MASCARA”. They released their 3rd Single “SHOOTING STAR” on January 25, 2023.

The groups name “XG” stands for “Xtraordinary Girls.

Through their unconventional and unique style of music and performance, they will empower people from all walks of life around the world.


A global entertainment production company that transmits BOLD culture to the world and produces artists with a unique world view.

Through the energy, high quality music and performances created by the strong minds, purity, and teamwork of Gen Z women, the company conveys to young people around the world the message of “Chasing a dream, having the strength to make it come true, and going all the way”.

XG Official Website: http://xgalx.com/xg/
XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB “ALPHAZ”: https://xg.pasch.fan/
XG Instagram: https://instagram.com/xgofficial
XG YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@xg_official
XG TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xg.official
XG Weverse: https://weverseapp.page.link/p3i5
XG Twitter: https://twitter.com/XGOfficial_
XG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XGOfficial
XGALX Official Website http://xgalx.com/

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