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Your body pain reveals your illness

Body Pain

HEADACHES, stomachaches and even small muscle pains often go away with over-the-counter medicines and a little massage.

However, some pains do come back and sometimes progresses.

It is important to understand the most common examples of these pains you may encounter one of these days. If you feel a pain (recurring or continuous for days), you should never ignore and have it check immediately.

Early diagnosis is extremely important, especially with life-threatening issues. Check the chart if any of these pain spots occurs in you.

Lung and diaphragm

If you have constant dull pain in the neck and shoulder, it is time to take a trip to a doctor to check your lungs and diaphragm. This pain might be the result of breathing problems or the phrenic nerve which goes from the spine to the diaphragm, through the lungs.

Liver and gallbladder

This pain is not easy to identify because problems with the liver or gallbladder can cause pain in the shoulders or neck as the person is more likely to blame it on lack of exercising or spending too much time on the computer. Listen to your body and if the pain doesn’t go away, check it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


We are very much aware of this pain which could be located on the left side of the chest, as expected. However, you may also feel shooting pain on the internal side of the left hand or in the upper-middle part of the back.

Stomach and pancreas

Normally this pain is relatively easy to identify, but about 50 percent of people with acute pancreatitis also have radiating back pain.

Small intestine

The sharp pain in the abdominal area near the belly button might be caused by issues with the small intestine.

Appendix and colon

Like chest pain, another common pain spot people are aware is appendicitis and trouble with the colon are normally relatively easy to identify as the pain is located on the right side of the middle-lower abdomen. Appendicitis is a life-threatening issue and if you have pain there, seek medical examination as soon as possible.


This one can be a bit tricky because the pain basically covers the whole lower back, abs, hips, and pelvis. If the pain doesn’t go away, the solution is simple: visit a doctor to check it out.


The pain caused by an infection in the bladder is often located in the lower pelvis, on the front or back side.


This one is only applicable to women for obvious reasons. Sharp stabbing pain in the sides of the lower abdomen can be a sign of a problem and you should see a doctor.

If you listen to your body and literally “feel” the occurring pain, you can easily prevent life-threatening disease. If you feel pain (though massage may help relieve it) but recur again, it’s time to visit your doctor.