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Youth group for safer campuses: “Prosecute predators, not victims”

Youth group for safer campuses

Safer spaces advocates Enough is Enough Ph (EIE) demanded the immediate resolution of the cases filed and the release of a victim-survivor of campus-based sexual harassment from Bacoor National High School (BNHS) following his incarceration since Friday, April 5 for four counts of cyber libel.

EIE deplored the prosecution of victims instead of predators, by allowing cyberlibel charges to be used in retaliation against students seeking accountability from teacher-predators and the lackadaisical effort of the Department of Education to bring them to justice.

The group asserted that alias Robert, a founding member of EIE, is a victim of triple jeopardy. “First, the school administration failed to guarantee safe spaces and denied him any means to seek justice and accountability. The very reason why he resorted to social media to report the abuse. Second, the Department of Education enabled such crimes and failed to expedite the investigation despite promising victims and their parents a swift and fair resolution. Third, the justice system empowered the predators to retaliate against the victim,” stated Sophie Reyes, EIE Lead Convenor.

“The incarceration of alias Robert is a threat issued to all victims who seek justice, that any attempts to call out predators and enablers alike will put you behind bars,” said Reyes. The group claimed that the filing of charges against alias Robert sends a chilling effect that would suppress any effort for victims to come forward and seek justice.

“But this is not the time to cower into submission. All the more, victims and advocates alike must overcome all odds, including the weaponization of the Cybercrime law, in the pursuit of justice and safer campuses,” she added.

Founded in 2022, in the aftermath of the Bacoor National High School sexual harassment issue, the group campaigns for 5 demands namely: the filing of criminal and administrative cases against violators; their teaching licenses revoked and perpetually banned from employment that involve vulnerable sectors; an establishment of a national registry of offenders and that academic institutions provide legal, psychosocial and financial support to student victims; and the establishment of an anti-retaliatory policy to protect victims from retaliation by perpetrators.

EIE members are now busy raising financial support for alias Robert’s bail. Advocates and allies may course their contribution through GCASH # 09276509197.

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