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Warning Out on Green JM Spray Paints with High Lead Levels

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Quezon City. As the observance of the International Lead Poisoning Prevention (ILPPW) continues, the EcoWaste Coalition again took the opportunity to warn consumers against imported spray paints loaded with lead.

The toxics watchdog group found lead, a highly hazardous substance linked to brain and nervous system damage and hormone disruption, on two of the four JM Spray Paints that it bought last Saturday for P102 each from a general merchandise store in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija.

While the bright red and orange red variants passed the 90 parts per million (ppm) limit, the grass green and leaf green variants were found to contain dangerously high levels of lead.

As per X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) screening conducted by the group, the grass green JM Spray Paint contained 50,050 ppm of lead. The leaf green variant, on the other hand, had 17,450 ppm.

The product provided no information about its manufacturer or distributor, and has no information about its lead content.

A closer examination of the paint can label shows that the product is recommended for “daily life” and “daily use.” It is further recommended for “top coating interior/exterior wood, steel and iron, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel and other metal surfaces.” As written on the label, the product is “widely used in building and construction, household and advertisement.”

A public health warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2020 banned the light green and medium yellow variants of JM Spray Paints for containing “significant levels” of lead.

Through FDA Advisory No. 2020-1585, consumers were warned against the purchase and use of the two JM Spray Paints and 35 other lead-containing aerosol paints.

For this month of October, the EcoWaste Coalition has so far discovered and warned consumers against 10 lead-containing aerosol paints, including two JM Spray Paints (grass green and leaf green), three Koby Spray Paints (deep red, Mars red and orange red), and five Nikko Spray Paints (apple green, green, orange, medium yellow and yellow).


FDA Advisory No. 2020-1585 || Public Health Warning Against the Purchase and Use of Spray Paints Containing Significant Levels of Toxic Heavy Metal, Lead (Pb)

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