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Ateneo launches UAAP Season 82 Yearbook

The UAAP celebrates the student-athlete in the abbreviated 2019-20 athletic season with the launching of an interactive yearbook by season host Ateneo yesterday. UAAP photos

UAAP SEASON 82 host Ateneo has launched yesterday an interactive yearbook to celebrate the student-athlete in the abbreviated 2019-20 collegiate athletic season.

The league’s first-of-its-kind yearbook can be accessed through Shift Interactive’s website (http://shift-interactive.com/dev/uaap_digital_book/digital-book/).

The year 2020 turned out to be a year like no other. Not only did it affect student-athletes, coaches, and the staff of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, but the rest of high school, collegiate, and professional sports. Needless to say, it was an unprecedented time for the entire world,” said UAAP Season 82 president Em Fernandez of Ateneo.

For Season 82 of the UAAP, what started out as an exciting season turned out to be the shortest one in recent history. However, it will also be remembered for the amazing performances displayed by our most promising student-athletes,” he added.

Videos and galleries from each event beginning with the opening ceremony on September 1, 2019 up to the last game day of the season on March 9, 2020 are collated in the book. The league scrapped the rest of Season 82 tournaments on April 7, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also featured are the activities done by the eight member schools to help out the affected communities early in the lockdown.

They did give their All For More in each and every game, and for both the graduating students and the undergrads, it is plain to see that there’s even more that they can give of themselves in the years to come. After all, the students of Season 82 know more than any other batch that because they had less time to play, the passion in their hearts can only keep burning,” said Fernandez.

The yearbook also features on the UAAP student-athletes who represented the Philippines in winning the 30th Southeast Asian Games overall championship, a list of all the top performers for the season, the league’s athlete-scholars and a tribute to the student-athletes who were not able to play in their respective tournaments.

May you enjoy the stories that each page tells as a testimony to what our best student-athletes have achieved and will continue to achieve,” said Fernandez.

With you, we are one in hoping that All For More transcends last year’s theme, but becomes a way forward for the future — one that we can all celebrate together,” he added.