Black-eyed children and nuclear nightmares

October 20, 2018
This is a real phenomenon that many of you will have heard of: sleep paralysis. As is typical in such cases, Ron immediately found himself filled with fear. This is hardly surprising: standing at the side of the bed were two young children -- maybe ten or eleven years in age -- who stared at Ron through completely black eyes. Their skin was pale and they were both dressed in black hoodies. In seconds, Ron’s bedroom was flooded with apocalyptic images of a flattened, of millions dead, and of the sky filled with blackness. Ron knew what the cause was: a huge, nuclear mushroom cloud dominated what was left of the city.

Bram stoker’s descendant gives dracula a creepy origin story

October 20, 2018
IN the late 1890s, Bram Stoker began working on his sixth novel. According to legend, he dove into the history of Vlad the Impaler, studied horror tales like Carmilla, and drew from his own nightmares to produce what became the horror classic Dracula. But while vampires had appeared in fiction before, Stoker’s Transylvanian count was the preeminent model for the sensual, blood-sucking monsters we know today.

8 of the most intriguing disappearances in history

October 17, 2018
IT’S relatively difficult to get lost without a trace, at least these days. But history contains a number of examples of individuals (and groups) who seemingly managed to vanish into thin air. Many of these stories have become fodder for sci-fi and paranormal theories, from ghosts to sea monsters, but while the answers are probably far more prosaic, we just don’t have them -- yet. Ian Crofton’s 2006 book The Disappeared, which contains 35 of these stories, provided much of the information for the eight here.

10 Ancient Methods of Capital Punishment

October 13, 2018
THE death penalty is the ultimate punishment for criminals to suffer. Even though this method of correction has seen a drastic decline in use in modern times, back in the old days, it was an everyday thing to see someone executed by the authorities. Often, convicted criminals were tortured and killed in brutal ways to set an example for everyone to witness the consequences of living a life in crime.

Blanche Monnier: The woman who was held prisoner by her mother for 25 years

October 12, 2018
SHE wanted to marry a man her mother didn’t approve of. Her punishment was unspeakable. Twenty-five years later Blanche Monnier was found, starved and filthy, locked in a small room in her mother’s house in Poitiers, France. The year was 1901. She hadn’t seen sunlight for a quarter-century. Blanche was finally saved by an anonymous letter sent to the police.

A geyser erupted in yellowstone and 80 years of human trash poured out

October 12, 2018
ON Sept. 15, Yellowstone National Park’s Ear Spring geyser erupted in its most violent display since 1957. For several minutes, sprays of steaming water leapt up to 30 feet (9 meters) in the air, chunks of rock and dirt spewed forth onto the ground and about 60 years of wishes were promptly reversed when the geyser gave up nearly 100 coins that had previously been tossed in. [Yellowstone and Yosemite: Photos of Two of the World’s Oldest National Parks]

Mysterious phantom lions in america

October 07, 2018
Nature has a strange way of giving us surprises. Just when we think we have it all figured out there can be mysteries and anomalies that coming speeding out from beyond to leave us startled and baffled. One such enigma is the phenomenon of out of place animals, where all manners of wildlife have popped up in the last place where one expect, and certainly ranking high up among these are the various reports of what can only be described as full African lions roaming about North America.

The weird and mystical world of sleepwalking

October 06, 2018
One night in 1987, a Canadian man named Kenneth Parks drove for 14 miles from his house to his in-laws. He then broke in and made his way upstairs, bludgeoning his mother-in-law with a crowbar that he’d gotten from the boot of his car before stabbing her repeatedly to death. He then proceeded to choke and stab his father-in-law, who miraculously survived. Parks then drove himself to the police station and turned himself in.

6 ancient ballgame makes a comeback in Mexico

October 05, 2018
Drums rumble between the stone walls lining the court. An ancient ritual is underway. The smell of incense wafts across the concrete, as wiry men and a woman wearing leather waist wraps and headbands volley a ball back and forth. They use only their hip bone to hit it.