The curious Case of Two Chinese Covid-19 Patients Whose Skin Turned Brown

April 26, 2020
to dark brown. Dr. Yi Fan and Dr. Hu Weifeng, both 42, became infected with the coronavirus in January, while treating patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital. They were colleagues of Dr. Li Wenliang, the late whistle-blower who first sounded the alarm about the dangerous new virus and was originally reprimanded by the Chinese Government. They both would have shared his tragic fate too, if not for the valiant efforts of their fellow doctors to keep them alive. The two doctors spent more than a month on life-support and only regained consciousness this month, when they also learned that their appearances had changed drastically

Extreme Rains May Have Triggered an Extreme Volcanic Eruption

April 26, 2020
If you’ve ever been caught in a heavy downpour without an umbrella, hood or awning to duck under, you know that the force of heavy, sometimes wind-driven drops can be painful … especially when the showers last for a long time. But can they carry enough power to trigger a volcano? That’s the premise of a new study which proposes that an extreme and extended heavy rain period triggered the 2018 extreme eruption of Kīlauea in Hawaii, burying a portion of the Big Island with a four-month-long flow of lava. Is it time for weather reporters to start giving “chance of volcano” forecasts?

When Monsters And Mysterious Animals Get Too Close To Us

April 20, 2020
Monsters in and around our cities? Don’t bet against it. There are a number of such examples. Let’s begin with the story of a retired U.K. policeman who I was able to interview a number of years ago. According to the officer, while serving in the British Police Force (service that, he said, began in 1977 and ended in 1988), he heard two tales from colleagues of giant eels seen in the winding canals that run through the city of Birmingham. The incidents occurred around 1979 or 1980. In both cases, the witnesses reported seeing very large creatures – the first, amazingly, around twenty feet in length, and both “very dark” in color. Needless to say, if the physical details described in the first encounter were not exaggerations on the part of the witness, then it was without doubt a definitive monster.

I’m a nurse fighting COVID-19 on the front lines in NYC—this is what my life is like right now

April 11, 2020
When Heather Tomazin, RN, a medical-surgery nurse living in New York City, heard that her hospital was setting up a new, designated unit for COVID-19-positive patients and needed more staff to help out, she immediately stepped up to volunteer to work in that unit for five consecutive shifts. Since then, she has been working with patients who have COVID-19 every single day at work.

UFO sghting in Mauritius

March 27, 2020
JP Hague is the National Director of MUFON in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation off the coast of Madagascar. In the latter half, he discussed curious anomalies found on the island plus major UFO cases that have occurred there. Hague, an attorney, had his first UFO sighting while living in London, in which a diamond-shaped object "pulsed into reality" and seemed to have a telepathic aspect.

Strange cases of mass pet vanishings

August 21, 2019
There has been plenty written on mysterious disappearances of human beings, and the cases seem to be countless. Yet, it is not always people who seem to vanish without a trace, and in some cases there have been rather enigmatic vanishings of pets that have gone on to be totally unexplained. Of course they don’t get the same sort of coverage or intense speculation as those of humans, but some of these cases seem to be truly strange in their own right and seem worth looking into. Here are a few of the unsolved mysteries of mass disappearances of pets, which remain to be solved and leave questions in their wakes.

Calls for new shroud of turin study after last one is proven flawed

August 10, 2019
There are churches around the world claiming to have a piece of the true cross – enough that if put together would create a “Life of Brian”-esque field of crosses looking on the bright side of life. The same can’t be said of the Shroud of Turin – considered by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth, complete with an image that has defied scientific verification for centuries. While most beliefs in its authenticity are based on faith rather than fact, the Catholic Church has never officially passed judgment on it and most Christian denominations now look at it more with respect rather than unquestioning belief. Still, many would like to know the truth. A new study shows once again just how difficult this is to do.

Tainted love: 4 Macabre literary love stories

July 27, 2019
SOME people will go a long way for love—even to the grave. Literally. Whether it’s courting your future wife atop her mother’s tomb, driving your wife, mistress, half-sister (or all three!) to suicide, or exhuming the corpse of your muse and lover to retrieve your poetry manuscript, these macabre literary love stories are here to remind you that sometimes being in a relationship (especially an artistic one) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whatever your relationship status, remember: it could be worse.

Another theory on the Dyatlov Pass Incident — This one involves crazed deer

July 26, 2019
THE mysterious deaths of nine skier/hikers in the northern Ural Mountains of the former Sovite Union which have come to be known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident have been investigated, debated, covered up, exposed, re-investigated and blamed on everything from an avalanche to Yeti to military tests to aliens to forest spirits to anything and everything in-between. What is generally accepted is that the primary cause of their death was hypothermia … but why did they run out into the cold? A new video connects dots from other theories and comes up with a new one involving crazed deer.

Woman loses her voice for 12 years after accidentally swallowing a coin

July 20, 2019
MARIE McCreadie was just 13 years old when she lost her voice to what doctors could only assume was a freak virus. 12 years later, she was shocked to discover that her sudden loss of voice had been caused by an old coin stuck between her vocal coins, which prevented them from vibrating. This is an old story that is once again getting a lot of attention because of Marie McCreadie ‘s newly published book, “Voiceless”, in which she details the traumatic experience of losing her voice at a young age and regaining it after 12 long years.

Mysterious Staten Island creature reminds witness of Montauk monster

July 16, 2019
That memorable line is from the movie “Crocodile Dundee” in a scene on the streets of New York City when a mugger pulls a switchblade on the Australian crocodile hunter and Dundee (played by Paul Hogan) pulls out a massive bush knife. Cryptozoologists and those who chase Bigfoot and other legendary and allegedly large and dangerous cryptids must feel the same way when they read stories like the recent one out of (coincidentally) Staten Island, New York, where a man finds a mysterious creature in a park and compares it to the Montauk Monster – another New York legend that, while obviously fiercely ugly, was most likely the decaying remains of a dead raccoon. Well, take a look at the pictures of the not-yet-named Staten Island creature and get ready to hold up a picture of your favorite cryptid and shout …

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley kept her dead husband’s heart for 30 years

July 13, 2019
Now, it’s up for debate as to whether she actually carried it around with her, although many claim that she did. Indeed, the New York Times speculates in this article from 1885 that what survived the blaze may have actually been Percy’s liver, saturated with sea water. In any case, Percy’s friends and Mary herself believed the charred remnant was the poet’s heart. And this remnant was definitely found in her desk the year after she died, wrapped in one of the last poems Percy ever wrote, an elegy to John Keats called Adonaïs.

3800-year-old teen skeleton found buried with fortune-telling game

July 13, 2019
The Ouija board was invented in 1890 and was probably played by teens at parties from day one. However, that teen fascination with fortune-telling games has been around for thousands of years. Need proof? A skeleton dating back 3,800 years was unearthed recently in Russia and the teen was buried with the animal bone pieces of an ancient fortune-telling game that’s still played in Mongolia today. Did the teen see this coming?

‘The Duke’ and the FBI: A strange saga

July 12, 2019
Born Marion Morrison in 1907, John Wayne became one of the most well-known Hollywood figures of the 20th century. “The Duke,” as he was known, appeared in more than 140 movies, many of them Westerns. Wayne died on June 11, 1979, at the age of seventy-two. But, it’s not Wayne’s movie career I’m focusing on in this article. Rather, it’s the weird story of Wayne and the FBI. The earliest confirmed FBI interest in John Wayne’s activities occurred on September 22, 1959. The FBI noted on that date that Los Angeles newspapers had broken a story that Wayne was involved “…with a suspected revolt under direction of Roberto (Tito) Arias, son of a former President of Panama and now a lawyer in that country…” The FBI memo continues, “The Hollywood Citizen News quotes Chacon as saying letters and documents found in a suitcase abandoned by Arias, allegedly in a flight from Panama while being sought, including an envelope bearing the name and address of John Wayne. Inside the envelope was said to be an interoffice memorandum to Wayne from a Robert D. Weesner, dated 4/9/59, outlining a ‘schedule of funds totaling $682,850 to or drawn by Tito Arias in connection with his Panamanian operations in which you are involved.”