Conspiracies and the very weird murder of Jonathan Luna

May 10, 2019
Some deaths are doomed to remain unsolved and to flit about past the periphery of all our attempts to understand them. In many of these cases there is also a true air of conspiracy, and of nefarious parties out on the fringe, which remain unseen and spectral, only serving to drive the whole thing deeper into the quagmire of mystery. One of these would certainly be the death of a well-liked and respected lawyer, who would suddenly turn up dead in the most bizarre of fashions without rhyme or reason and leaving a trail of oddness that has never been followed to the end.

The Ancient Romans built seismic invisibility cloaks for amphitheaters

May 10, 2019
There are many theories as to why structures built by ancient Romans lasted so long, with many still standing today. One popular idea is that the Romans mastered the art of fine concrete (opus caementicium) which seems to have achieved its durability from the addition of volcanic ash. However, that same volcanic ash points to a vulnerability that even the toughest walls eventually give way to – seismic waves caused by volcanoes and earthquakes. A new study proposes that Roman engineers may have mastered the science of structural invisibility, making their buildings transparent to these destructive waves. Is it true? Can humans — at least very rich Silicon Valley humans fearful of the San Andreas fault – get one too?

More on the matter of supernatural monsters & creatures

May 07, 2019
WELL, in the wake of the publication of my 2-part article on the U.K.’s “Alien Big Cats” phenomenon, a number of people have contacted me asking something along the lines of: “Does this mean you think all creatures that fall under the banner of Cryptozoology are supernatural?” The answer to that question is “No, I don’t.” As I pointed out in part-1 of the ABC phenomenon article, there are valid, wholly down-to-earth reasons as to why people are seeing Alien Big Cats in the U.K. But, as I noted in part-2, there are some cases that are much weirder and that are very difficult to explain without bringing the world of the supernatural into the matter. So, I think there are two issues here: one is that some ABCs are supernatural and others are escapees from private enclosures, or pets that got out of hand, etc. And, I see that “two sides” angle in relation to other so-called “cryptid” creatures too. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

How secret information is hidden pt. 1

April 27, 2019
One of the easiest ways that governments can exert control over us is by withholding information from each and every one of us. A nation of people that is oblivious of facts, data and information – material that we should know about – is a nation which is definitively asleep. A nation wallowing in ignorance. A nation that is controlled. To see how very easy it is to keep us in the dark, take careful note of all the following. We should all be very concerned when it comes to the matter of how easy it is to withhold information that we should know about. It is very important to note that when it comes to the nature of classified information that may be denied to us, there are varying levels of secrecy and classification within numerous agencies and offices of government.

A history of Notre-Dame’s Crown of Thorns Relic

April 26, 2019
Now that the flames have been extinguished and the damage assessment has begun, many of the stories of the terrible fire that destroyed parts of the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris have mentioned a number of relics that were kept there and their post-fire status. Most notable is the object many believe to be the actual crown of thorns worn by Jesus at the crucifixion. How did this relic end up in Paris at Notre-Dame Cathedral in the first place?

The mysterious Russian Valley of Death

April 14, 2019
OUT in the remote wastelands of the Siberian taiga of western Yakutia is a place virtually untouched by man and infused with deep mysteries. Here one can find the basin of the Vilyuy River, from which some very odd stories have trickled out from explorers going back through the centuries telling of anomalous domes of red metal jutting from the earth for unfathomable reasons. Making it all even more mysterious is that the domes are said to lie within a zone of strange phenomena that seems to willfully drive away life, silent and claiming the lives of anything that stays too long. Welcome to Russia’s Valley of Death and its bizarre otherworldy mysteries.

Ancient bones and teeth found in a Philippine Cave may rewrite human history

April 13, 2019
AN unusual species of human apparently lived on the island of Luzon in the Philippines as recently as 50,000 years ago. Based on teeth and bones found there, scientists suspect that these early humans probably stood less than 4 feet tall and had several apelike features. Yet, the researchers say, the bones are distinctly human — from a previously undiscovered species.

Second ‘death by Chupacabra’ reported in Honduras

April 09, 2019
IS it time for the mainstream media to start taking the Chupacabra seriously? La Gran Epocha (The Epoch Times) thinks so and so do major outlets in Honduras, where the second mysterious death in a month is being blamed on the infamous goat-sucker that may be acquiring a taste for human blood. Is it a supernatural being as a frustrated Honduran veterinarian speculates? Aliens? A clever cover for a fearsome but human Honduran serial killer? Something else?

A mysterious cavern in Africa and its giant snake guardian

April 07, 2019
LOCATED within the country of South Africa, near an inhospitable, scrub land matted place called Richtersveld, is a deep cave and cavern system that meanders down into the murk beyond where light reaches, and which is as mysterious as the surface of some forsaken unknown planet. Often called the “Wonder Hole” or the “Bottomless Pit,” the cave and cavern system supposedly connects to the ocean, and has long been thought to harbor within it a trove of diamonds and other treasures. It is also according to legend prowled by an ancient, spiritual guardian long feared by locals and explorers alike, which jealously protects its glittering treasure and by some accounts seems to be more than mere myth.

The mysterious nazi graveyard of the Amazon

March 31, 2019
IT sometimes seems that there is no end to the rabbit hole of Nazi schemes and machinations, covering a wide range of the bizarre. Yet, there are some schemes that are relatively little-known and which have fallen through the cracks of history to become largely forgotten in modern times. Certainly one of these is that time the Nazis set out to venture into the Amazon jungle and set up colonies for their “master race” in a perfectly ludicrous plot that seems to have jumped straight out of a movie.

‘Mysterious Beast’ kills 30 goats and drains their blood

March 31, 2019
THE mysterious goat-sucker strikes again! As el chupacabra continues its world tour, it’s clear that no livestock is safe. Around the globe, livestock and other farm animals are being savagely and mysteriously ripped apart, drained of their blood, or otherwise eviscerated. Over the last few years, stories reporting unexplained animal mutilations appear to be on the rise. While the phenomenon is by no means new, the increasing frequency with which they’re being reported makes it seem like unknown, unseen predators are venturing into new territory in search of fresh meat. What’s behind these killings?