Albert Fish, the terrifying insatiable real-life boogeyman

March 09, 2019
WE’VE all heard of—or seen—the boogeyman. He’s the monster who hid under your bed and in your closet when you were a kid. He gave you nightmares and made you afraid of the dark. But what happens when a real-life boogeyman exists? In the early 1900s, too large a number of unfortunate children found out after meeting Albert Fish.

The story of the Alday Murders is a horror film come to life

March 09, 2019
FOR most people, May 14 is a day like any other. But for the residents of Donalsonville, Georgia, it’s a terrifying slice of the town’s history. On that day in 1973, a group of newly-escaped prison inmates—brothers Carl and Billy Isaacs, their half-brother Wayne Coleman, and George Dungee—committed the state’s bloodiest massacre since 1887.

Flaming hands, pyrokinesis, and spontaneous human combustion

March 08, 2019
ONE pervasive feature upon the landscape of the paranormal is what is often referred to as “spontaneous human combustion.” It typically involves victims who suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames, often burning down to cinders while oddly leaving their surroundings unburned. It is not uncommon at all to hear of cases of people burning to a crisp only to leave their chairs, furniture, and even paper or clothes around them completely untouched, very weird considering the immense temperatures needed to burn the human body, which is mostly composed of water, to that degree. Often there is evidence of the bodies having been burned from the inside rather than the outside, and all in all it is a very bizarre phenomenon that has had much speculation but few answers. While many possible natural occurrences have been proposed for spontaneous human combustion, could these cases be indicative of some little known forces, or even the power of psychokinesis, or literally the ability to start flames from nothing, totally subconsciously and out of the victims’s control?

Ivan Milat, the Australian backpacker murderer

March 08, 2019
ON a fine September day in 1992, two runners were working their way through New South Wales’s Belanglo State Forest and made a horrific discovery: a decaying body. This body would only be the first of seven discovered as part of the string of killings now known as the “Backpacker murders”, committed by one Ivan Milat.

Beware the ghostly radiant boys

March 04, 2019
ONE type of ghost that is as creepy as it is tragic is that of what are collectively called the “Radiant Boys.” The phenomenon mostly has its origins in the lore Northern England and in Germany, where they are called the “kindermorderinn.”

5 killer couples that make us want to die alone

March 02, 2019
THE course of true love never did run smooth, especially not for these creepy couples. Some couples will do anything to be together, but these pairs took it too far. While some guys might bring their paramour flowers, one man chose to mummify his dead lover’s body. And who needs Valentine’s Day when you can write to each other every day in separate prisons? From the Moors Murders to the Ken and Barbie Killers, we don’t mind being single while we read about these crimes of the heart.

NASA launches department dedicated to finding aliens

February 28, 2019
A few months ago, NASA held a conference on ways to detect artificial “technosignatures” of alien life, byproducts of civilization like radio waves, pollutants, and garbages. They seem to be taking the search for extraterrestrials seriously and have announced the creation of a new department dedicated to the search for alien life.

The strange creatures of Sumatra

February 26, 2019
As evidence of this, consider the following: In July 1932, the Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser newspaper ran an article titled Mysterious Jungle Races of Sumatra: Giants and Pigmies, Guard Swine and Have Their Heels in Front. One of the creatures to which the article referred was referred to as the Orang-lecho, which, according to the newspaper, could be found in the western parts of Sumatra, and specifically in Gunong Gedang Bondjol and Lubok Sepaking.

Mysterious lake monsters of China

February 26, 2019
PRETTYmuch wherever one goes in the world where there is a large enough body of water there are bound to be reports of lake monsters. This strange phenomenon transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, and with so many such creatures swimming through the lakes of the world it sometimes seems that our waterways are absolutely crawling with mystery monsters. I have written of lake monsters from all over the world, and here I will take a look at some of the more well known such aquatic anomalies from the far eastern country of China.

UFO sightings by military personnel

February 21, 2019
One summer I was in the backyard playing in the pool we had set up. While playing I saw something reflect sunlight off the water. I looked up and saw a shiny metallic triangle craft. It was silent and spinning and just above the rooftop level in the air. I never heard of UFO’s or aliens at the time so I thought it was a weird airplane that I had never seen before flying directly above my head.

12 crucial archaeology findings of 2018 that have left historians puzzled

February 16, 2019
2018 has passed and we are already settling in 2019, but even as we move forward it’s never a bad time to remind people about the incredible things that happened this past year that have gone unnoticed. Even though there were many groundbreaking events that most of us have already heard about, there were some incredible discoveries made that might have flown under your radar. With this list we have decided to shed some light on the most incredible archeological discoveries made in 2018, that might change our understanding of history forever.

Mysterious Chupacabra-Like creature photographed in Colombia

February 12, 2019
Unlike U.S. political party members, Chupacabra fans seem to break down into three groups: those who believe in the traditional Puerto Rican, upright, lizardish kind of bloodsucker; those who believe in the hairless coyote-like Texas kind; and those who put the moniker on any unidentifiable dead creature with fangs in any country. (Actually, U.S. political party members break down too, but it’s a breakdown of the other kind.) A mysterious creature discovered and photographed by a boy in Colombia seems to fall into the third category … but maybe not.