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Lakas-CMD denies survey on top bet for Quezon gov

LAKAS-CHRISTIAN Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) Secretary General Prospero “Butch” Pichay on Wednesday distanced the party from a survey on Quezon’s top gubernatorial bet which had linked Lakas-CMD to the individuals who commissioned the local poll.

“As far as the Lakas-CMD party is concerned, it has no knowledge about the survey. The party does not conduct nor sponsor local surveys. It is confident that its people on the ground are winners,” Pichay, a Deputy Speaker and a congressman from Surigao del Sur.

“We, the party officials, should have been informed by the said political group and politicians before using the name of Lakas and linking the party to the survey. If indeed any people behind the survey is a member of Lakas, then that member should have secured consent from the party before using its name,” added Pichay.

According to an article published in the Manila Times Tuesday, the Philippine Research and Information Service (Philris) Publishing, headed by Prof. Manuel Mendoza, conducted a local survey on Quezon’s top gubernatorial bet from November 2, 2020 to December 21, 2020.

The article also claimed the survey “was sponsored by a business group and politicians affiliated with the Lakas-CMD party.”

“We condemn and do not tolerate any attempt to drag the name of Lakas without its consent for any purpose, especially those that are political,” Pichay stressed.

“We expect a clarification from the people who used the name of Lakas. It is unfair and irresponsible that the party was linked to the survey as the party itself and its officials are not aware of it,” the House leader said.

“The firm is not known. Method is not scientific. Thus, results are biased.

If Lakas will commission a survey, it will hire a reputable and known group,” Pichay added.

Publication Source :    People's Journal