Campus violence

November 15, 2019
SANTA CLARITA, United States — A teenage boy gunned down fellow students at a California high school on his 16th birthday Thursday, killing two and wounding another three before turning the pistol on himself.

‘Total collapse’

November 13, 2019
HONG KONG — Pro-democracy protesters stepped up Wednesday a “blossom everywhere” campaign of road blocks and vandalism across Hong Kong that has crippled the international financial hub this week and ignited some of the worst violence in five months of unrest.

Fire warning

November 12, 2019
HILLVILLE, Australia — Dozens of fires fanned by gale-force winds, scorching temperatures and tinder-dry bushland burned out of control in eastern Australia on Tuesday, as residents up and down the coast were warned it was now too late to leave.

Climate threat

November 07, 2019
BEIJING — Chinese leader Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Wednesday that the Paris climate pact was “irreversible”, showing a united front after Washington formally withdrew from the accord this week.

What, me worry?

November 05, 2019
LEXINGTON, United States — Taking the stage in a packed Kentucky arena to the strains of America’s unofficial patriotic anthem, “God Bless the USA,” Donald Trump didn’t look like a man in trouble.

America divided

November 03, 2019
WASHINGTON — America on Sunday kicks off the one-year countdown to Election Day 2020, with President Donald Trump betting an “angry” Republican surge can deliver him a second term, as the Democratic battle to win back the White House heats up.

Defiant Trump

November 02, 2019
TUPELO, United States — A combative US President Donald Trump told supporters in his electoral stronghold of Mississippi on Friday that a push to impeach him is driving an “angry” Republican surge ahead of 2020.