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PBBM hints possible reorganization of cabinet members

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President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday hinted of a possible re-organization of his Cabinet, exactly one year after he was elected into office and the one-year appointment ban on those who ran in the May 2022 elections.

In an interview with the press at the Meruorah Convention Center in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, Marcos said he has thought about reorganizing his Cabinet members as he has already seen who performed well during his first year in office.

“By the end of the first year para maging maliwanag. In a sense tapos na ‘yung OJT ng lahat ng tao and we have seen who performs well and who is – will be important to what we are doing,” Marcos said.

“So yes, there’s really going to be…I don’t know about reshuffle pero reorganization sa Gabinete,” he added.

The President arrived in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia on Tuesday afternoon to attend the 42nd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits from May 9-11.

Marcos recently said he is eyeing to pick additional Cabinet members from among competent individuals who lost in the May 2022 general elections, following the end of the one-year Constitutional ban on Tuesday. | PND

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