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Betadine ThroatAid Lozenge Supports World Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Betadine ThroatAid Lozenge
Betadine ThroatAid Lozenge participates in Schools Division Office – San Juan World Teachers’ Day Celebration

MANILA, Philippines – World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every October 5th to honor the dedicated educators who shape the future of the world. This celebration provides an opportunity to reflect on the qualities that make an outstanding teacher and the positive impact these qualities have on the lives of students. This year, Betadine ThroatAid Lozenge and SMS Health PH join in the celebration as a way of showing their gratitude to the teachers and administrators of Schools Division Office (SDO) in San Juan City as well as other SDOs and schools.

“In celebration of the World Teachers’ Day, Betadine ThroatAid gives support to our hardworking teachers through providing them with free samples of Betadine ThroatAid products. As we all know, teachers go through different challenges in school, especially that they use their voice to teach. Now that Betadine is here, they will not be hindered by sore there is nothing that will hinder them from enjoying their profession as educators.” said Charisse Cruz, Project Executive, SMS Health PH

Teachers are not just educators, they are also the students’ mentors, inspirations, and pillars of support. They help students believe in themselves and instil a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. All of these can create a nurturing environment in which students develop essential life skills. However, the life of a teacher is not without its challenges. Many educators face health-related hardships due to the demands of their profession. Loss of voice, frequent illnesses, and decreased ability to teach are some of the struggles that teachers encounter. The constant interaction with students, often in close quarters, can expose them to various germs and infections, making their health a priority concern.

“Our dear teachers are the critical point that makes a student ready for the future. They are also the ones who change lives and drive students to do well in life. It is most important that they are always healthy and in good shape, because if they are not, how can they inspire our students to dream big?” said Francis Zamora, San Juan City Mayor

Promoting health and safety within the school community is crucial, especially in the face of global health challenges. Teachers play a pivotal role in this endeavor, not only by setting an example but also by educating students about good hygiene practices.

“Schools are the agents of societal transformation, and our teachers are our main partners in promoting health and safety in the community. We always ensure that our teachers are healthy to be able to provide quality education to all our learners. That is why this partnership with Betadine is important to make sure that our beloved teachers perform at their best.” stressed Josefino C. Pogoy, Jr., Chief Education Supervisor, Curriculum Implementation Division – SDO San Juan City

One valuable addition in the pursuit of health and safety within the school community especially during this cold and flu season is Betadine ThroatAid Lozenges. It is specially formulated to provide fast and effective relief for sore throat in as early as 5 minutes. It is available in two (2) flavors Honey & Lemon flavor which and Menthol & Eucalyptus flavor for fast and long-lasting sore throat relief.1 Moreover, its antimicrobial action helps soothe sore throat,2-3 making it an essential sore throat remedy for teachers especially during cold and flu seasons. By having products like Betadine ThroatAid lozenge, teachers can better help manage their sore throat and continue to be the dedicated educators their students rely on.

*For fast relief in as early as 5 minutes and long-lasting relief that lasts for 2 hours.

Teachers and administrators receiving Betadine ThroatAid products
Teachers and administrators receiving Betadine ThroatAid products

As the world celebrates our teachers this World Teachers’ Day, it is essential to recognize that teachers are not only champions of education but also guardians of health and safety within the schools. Their dedication, resilience, and the qualities that make them outstanding educators are an inspiration to us all. Through their unwavering commitment, teachers continue to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

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