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Miriam Quiambao, iniluwal na ang tinagurian nilang ‘miracle baby’ na si Ezekiel Isiah ‘Ziki’ Roberto

Miriam Quiambao and Ardy Roberto

– Miriam Quiambao happily announced that she has given birth to her second child

– Calling him a ‘miracle baby,’ Miriam and her husband, Ardy Roberto, named the adorable boy Ezekiel Isiah Ziki

– The couple considered Ziki a miracle baby because both of them didn’t expect Miriam to become pregnant at 46 with his husband previously diagnosed as almost infertile

– It was only in December of last year when Miriam and Ardy announced a second child is on the way

Miriam Quiambao happily announced on Instagram several hours ago that she has given birth to her second child.

The former beauty queen and her husband, Ardy Roberto, regard their second child as a ‘miracle baby’ owing to the fact that Miriam is already 46 years old and her husband was previously diagnosed as almost infertile.

“It’s not only considered a miracle pregnancy (considering a previous diagnosis of almost infertility for my husband and I) but also this is my second pregnancy!!! As my husband said, it’s like lightning striking twice!” she said when she announced in December that she is pregnant.

The couple named their child Ezekiel Isiah ‘Ziki’ Roberto.

According to the Miss Universe 1999 first runner-up, she actually delivered her second child on Monday evening, July 12, though she posted about it only today.

In an Instagram post, Miriam and Ardy posed for a snapshot with their new baby.

“Good morning! Thank you for your prayers! We are delighted to announce that our miracle baby Ezekial Isaiah ‘Ziki’ Quiambao-Roberto was born at 37 weeks and 1 day on July 12, 2021 at 6:06 pm weighting 7lbs 1oz with a length of 50 cm and APGAR Score of 9/9!! Glory to God!,” Miriam wrote alongside her post.

She also thanked everyone who wished her well and prayed for her safety.

“Thank you to all of you who prayed and journeyed with us this far. Do keep us in your prayers as we transition into a new season of our family life,” Miriam said.

To Miriam and Ardy, congratulations!

Miriam Redito Quiambao-Roberto, more popularly known as Miriam Quiambao, is a Pinay former beauty queen, actress, TV host, model, endorser, entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. She was born on May 20, 1975. In 1999, Miriam was crowned Bb. Pilinas-Universe and subsequently represented the country during the 1999 Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant where she won 1st Runner-Up. On March 25, 2014, she married Eduardo “Ardy” Roberto, Jr., an author and motivational speaker.

During the gender reveal of their second child last March, Miriam admitted feeling very sad when she realized it was a boy. This is because the former beauty queen wanted her second child to be a girl. The opposite was true, however, for Ardy as he was very happy at the gender of their baby. The couple shared the news in their latest vlog. Two months ago, Miriam and Ardy announced another baby is on the way.

Miriam takes her mommy duties very seriously and would do everything to keep her family safe from harm. There are times, however, when she also becomes scared to the point of panicking. In May, for instance, she took to Instagram and shared her scary experience when her son had high fever. It lasted for three nights and three days and her son didn’t even want to take medicine even when mixed with his favorite juice. She then said that on the fourth day, the fever broke and it was only then that she knew that he had “tigdas hangin.” Rashes started to appear the moment his fever went down and despite her being pregnant, she had to take care of her baby.

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