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The Pabebe Girls Are Back!

Pabebe Girls

MANILA, Philippines — Do you remember the viral video of the “pabebe girls” in 2015?

They’re back. Iconic duo Michelle Alfonso and Janet Ricabo reunite once again to invite people to the Philippine Book Festival at the World Trade Center from April 25 to 28. The sassy duo supports middle-grade author Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte’s book signing, which will take place on Sunday, April 28, at 4:30 p.m.

Reenacting The Viral Video

In a nod to their viral fame, the “Pabebe Girls” delighted fans by reenacting their iconic lines, reigniting excitement. Netizens have taken note of their transformation and are thrilled to see that the viral duo is still as lively as ever. In the promotional video for the book signing event, they made a playful remark criticizing dishonest publishers.

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Michelle Alfonso on the Reunion

Michelle Alfonso shared her sentiments about the reunion: “Madami po nag memessage sakin pero nahihiya ako tanggapin pero nung nalaman kopong books nakakatuwa kasi ang rare po. Madalas kasi nag iinvite sa food and drinks po tinatanggihan ko po. [I rarely accept invitations, but when I found out it was for a book event, I couldn’t resist. It’s rare to receive invitations related to books. Most of the time, I decline invites for food and drinks.]”

So, who missed the “Pabebe Girls”? Are we going to see more of them soon? Fans speculate whether Michelle Alfonso and Janet Ricabo will appear at the Philippine Book Festival. Supporters eagerly await the chance to see the duo back together.

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