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BB tags Piolo in scandalous vlog: What’s ‘her’ motive?

BB Gandanghari spilled some hot beans in his latest vlog, “BB Uncut”. He said the episode is titled “Who Killed RP? The Untold Story of Rustom Padilla. I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” It ran for almost two hours.

At first, he said he will make a big reveal about the relationship of David and Jonathan, Biblical characters known for their deep friendship. He said it’s actually the story of Rustom Padilla and he is David. As for who Jonathan is, he said “Your guess is as good as mine.”

But before he went into that, he first revealed she got a new red car from her “honey” called Don Immam. Then he showed a video clip of himself as Rustom outing himself to Keanna Reeves when they were both housemates in the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother, Balikbahay Edition” in 2006.

He said he underwent a big struggle in accepting his real self that he is longing for another man. In an earlier Youtube entry, he said his breakup with Carmina Villaroel was the saddest part of his life. “Grabe ang pinagdaanan niyang insecurities as far as his manliness is concerned,” he added.

He then told the story of how we he got close to Piolo Pascual which he started with awkwardness when they did a passion play in San Francisco. This was in 2001 and they played the apostles of Jesus Christ. There’s a scene where they slept on the same bed together and after that, they became good friends right away.

“Dun sila naging close, nawala ‘yung awkwardness,” says BB. “The ice is broken, naging relaxed sila, nagkukuwentuhan na sila. During a break in the show, nagkayayaang lumabas, magkakasama sa limousine sina Judy Ann Santos, her brother Jeffrey, Alfie Lorenzo, Rustom and Piolo.”

It was at this time that Piolo introduced Rustom to his family who resides in San Francisco. They clicked and started as buddy-buddies, enjoying each other company. They then went to a bar and Piolo ordered 3 shots of Bacardi for each of them and danced together the whole night.

“It was a fun night and Rustom had so much fun,” says BB. “After a long time, Rustom was genuinely happy and felt cared for.”

Before going home, they went for a walk, got to talk a lot more and Rustom was charmed and found Piolo (his Jonathan) as fearless and genuine. When they got back to the house, Rustom went to the restroom. When he got out, Piolo was there.

“And then they kissed,” BB said. “It was probably the most felt kissed, deep, passionate, but it was also more than that, because may feeling. Habang lumalalim ang gabi, palalim din ng palalim ang kumunoy na pinasok ni Rustom.”

He said he thought whatever it is that’s between them would just end there, with that kiss. But Piolo invited him that they meet at the lobby of their hotel to go out for a stroll. The enjoyed getting to know each other and they didn’t even feel that they’ve been walking for two hours, with their managers already looking for them.

The story is very long but, in effect, BB implies that it’s Piolo who flirted with and wooed Rustom. He says it’s the first time he really experienced feeling something for the same sex, which he didn’t feel for other men he had some kind of contact with, like “Francois and the platoon leader”.

It was even Piolo who went to his hotel room with a bottle of wine and with a banana. Netizens later registered their reaction on his Youtube channel.

Some folks congratulated him for his courage and honesty in revealing everything. Some said they’re proud of him and thanked him for sharing his detailed story, no holds barred. Some quipped he liked best the part where BB said: “And then we kissed… Again and again and again.”

Someone asked if she ate the banana Piolo brought her and if Papa P knows that she will be doing this revelation. But honestly, wonder what is BB’s motive at this point in outing Piolo when she’s very much aware that Papa P has never admitted in public that he’s gay. She knows that this can ruin his career.

And also what will Piolo’s family say, when she claims they were nice to her. Also Piolo’s son, Inigo? Wonder how Piolo himself feels about it?

But knowing Piolo, he would just keep quiet because saying anything will just dignify the claims of BB who now appears to be trying hard to capture fame and glory through her scandalous vlogs.