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EDSA is Ninoy and Ninoy is EDSA

Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr.

Without Ninoy, there would have been no Edsa.

Edsa revolution has been known for “people power” magic which “magic” did not (do not, and will not) only transpire in Edsa during those epic moments in February 1986. Let Edsa happen in our hearts and lives even today. The spirit lives on.

The birth of Edsa was three years earlier, when former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was assassinated (crucified) on August 21,1983. Fate or faith had it happen. They instantly transformed Ninoy into becoming an even more powerful hero as a dead man, by killing him, whoever the mastermind/s of that cowardly, horrendous act could have been.

Three years is equal to three days of being in the tomb for Ninoy — prior to his resurrection on Easter Tuesday, the exact day of Edsa God-power (not “people power”) that we have gotten used to celebrating since then.

Yes, dear countrymen, especially the youth and younger generations, there is something great to celebrate about the 1986 Edsa Revolt and be proud of it. But why, oh why, did President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. (or the government) exclude February 25 in the list of the nation’s holidays this year? Odd. Funky.

No Filipino or Philippine official can get rid of ‘Edsa,’ but he can be a part of it in its continuing, unfinished saga, if he chooses to do so. The courageous, peaceful battle still rages.

Edsa was over, but isn’t done yet and will never ever be done until Ninoy’s dream of an upright, just and free Philippines is born (or reborn). I was not physically at Edsa (the place) when it happened, but my spirit and prayer (the heart) was present there all throughout those crucial, momentous, dangerous, exhilarating days.

Cory, Cardinal Sin, the military coup plotters and the people who flocked to Edsa were mere incidentals and instrumentals to bring about that miraculous, monumental phenomenon in our country’s history.

Colors are irrelevant in Edsa. Ninoy was not aware of yellow, even at the last minute of his life, while he was exiting the airplane to fall flat (crossed arms) on that mythic concrete, tarmac floor. Colorless are Ninoy’s gallantry, sacrifices, fortitude, ingenuity, heroism and martyrdom. 1 Peter 2:23.

Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr.

Pray that yellow be pure yellow, a symbol of our endearment and welcome of Ninoy into our hearts, nothing political. Let the yellow confetti rain anew for the new Filipinos (not “New Philippines”) – to represent our love and care for each other, and our sincere, supportive prayers for the success of the present administration, in honor of Ninoy, the hero.

Forget everyone and forget them all, and ourselves, especially Enrile and Ramos who were at Edsa purely for personal salvation — because Edsa is Ninoy and Ninoy is Edsa. The tandem duo didn’t do any saving in Edsa. They were saved by Edsa. Honor to whom honor is due.

“No person was ever (truly) honored for what he received (or has stolen). Honor has been the reward for what he gave (sacrificed).” – Calvin Coolige, 30th US President

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