Documentary Review: 'Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood'

May 29, 2020
IN the Netflix mini-series, “Hollywood”, there is a character, Ernie (played by Dylan McDermott), who operates a gas station that’s actually a front for his attendants to offer sexual services to both male and female clients. Ernie is based on a real life character, Scotty Bowers, who acted as a pimp in Hollywood from the 40s to the 80s. He charges his celebrity clients with $20 per session.

Netflix TV series review: 'Altered Carbon'

‘ALTERED Carbon’ is called a cyberpunk TV series and is based on the 2002 novel by Richard Morgan. It’s said to be one of the most expensive shows financed by Netflix and you can really see the budget must be big with the huge sets they built and the spectacular CGI they used for the show. 

CBS mini series review: 'Blood and Teasure' 

IF you enjoy watching an action-adventure series that echoes Indiana Jones movies, “Romancing the Stone”, “National Treasure” and even “Da Vinci Code”, you’d probably be delighted by CBS’ swashbuckling 13-episode series, “Blood & Treasure”, which has been renewed for a second season. 

Netflix mini series review: 'Dracula'

WE just saw the latest screen incarnation of Count Dracula, cinema’s most famous vampire, in BBC-Netflix’ TV series, “Dracula”. The first time we were introduced to a Dracula flick was in Hammer Films' “Horror of Dracula”, which was a big hit in Manila that it had a long run in Universal Theatre for several months in 1958. There were older Dracula films starring Bela Lugosi,  but we didn’t see it. We remember seeing “Horror of Dracula” with our parents as a kid and we were so terrified. 

Amazon TV series review: 'Hanna'

‘HANNA’ is an action-drama series on Amazon based on the 2011 movie which starred Saoirse Ronan (who has since been a recipient of several Oscar nominations) in the title role, with Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana. The TV series now stars newcomer Esme Creed Miles as Hanna, with Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, who are reunited here after their hit series, “The Killing”, which ran for four seasons.

Netflix TV series review: 'Unorthodox'

May 16, 2020
One series that truly impressed us is ‘Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots’. It is a new mini-series on Netflix and we thoroughly enjoyed it, based on the 2012 memoir of Deborah Feldman with the same title. She was born and raised in the Hasidic Satmar sect in the suburb of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York,  a Jewish religious group noted for its strict conservatism and social isolation. 

Netflix movie review: 'Extraction'

AFTER ‘The Avengers’, Chris Evans discards his Captain American costume to do a serious drama on TV, “Defending Jacob”, where he plays a lawyer whose own son is accused of murder. In turn, Chris Hemsworth also sets aside his hammer as Thor to do a hard action flick, “Extraction”, now shown as a direct-to-Netflix release which turns out to be a very big hit. 

Review: 'Jett' (mini-series on Cinemax)

THE last TV series where we saw Carla Gugino was “The Haunting of Hill House” where she played the doomed mother of a haunted family, then we saw her in the Netflix movie, “Gerald’s Game”. She started her career in the comedy movie “Troop Beverly Hills” in the late 80s and she’s the only one still active in the batch of young stars introduced in that movie. She never really became a big star, but she has been consistently active both on the big and small screen. We remember her most in the “Spy Kids” trilogy and as the wife of The Rock in “San Andreas”.

Review of HBO's 'Euphoria' & Netflix's 'Sex Education'

WE used to be so busy attending presscons, going to movies in actual theaters and going to various showbiz functions. But the corona lockdown has now given us so much free time to watch so many TV series on streaming channels, for which we didn’t have time before.  Those we’ve liked and completed watching till the end, we already reviewed here like “Black Earth Rising”, "Unbelievable",“The Hot Zone”, “Feud” and “Wu Assassins”. But there are so many other shows that we started but didn’t continue watching till the end. After the first few episodes and and we feel it’s not clicking with us due to one reason or another, we drop it and watch some other show that we’ve lined up instead. 

Netflix Movie Reviews: 'Horse Girl' and 'Swallow'

TWO films with lead characters who seem to be borderline lunatics are now being shown on Netflix: “Horse Girl” and “Swallow”. Both movies are not for mainstream audiences but will cater more to serious film aficionados in international film festivals since the characters are not at all relatable and show a form of mental illness.

Netflix mini series review: Hollywood

LAST year, we saw the movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino that rewrote Hollywood history. Now, we have “Hollywood”, an 8-episode mini-series by Ryan Murphy (said to be the most powerful TV executive in Hollywood today) in his Netflix debut which is also a fantasy revising some Hollywood events.

FX Mini-Series Review: 'The People V O.J. Simpson'

‘THE People V. O.J. Simpson’ is an FX mini-series about the murder cases filed against Orenthal James Simpson, an iconic football hero nicknamed Juice who went into acting and endorsements after he retired as an athlete. For viewers who may not know him, he did many movies, like “The Naked Gun” action-comedy series, and TV shows. He’s very popular then with the American public.