Ronnie and Loisa's movie preems on KBO this Holy Week

April 06, 2020
Don't miss this coming-of-age love story this April 9 (Thursday) till 14 (Tuesday) with your whole family. Aside from Theodore Boborol's movie, KBO viewers can also rewatch,  "The Hows of Us," "Seven Sundays," "Four Sisters and a Wedding," "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes," "Finally Found Someone," "Loving in Tandem," and "Beauty and the Bestie." 

'Block Z' TV premiere a certified blockbuster, gives hope

April 04, 2020
Directed by Mikhael Red, the movie tells the story of med student, PJ (Julia Baretto) and her friends, who witness the death of their patient who was diagnosed with rabies. Little do they know that her death would cause a big problem as it would rise from the dead and infect people in the campus.

Movie review: Phantom Thread

April 04, 2020
‘PHANTOM Thread’ got several 2018 Oscar nominations, including best picture, best director, best actor, best screenplay and best supporting actress. It’s written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who also got nominated in the Oscars for “Boogie Nights”, “Magnolia”, “There Will Be Blood” and “Inherent Voice”, but has never won. “Phantom Thread” is an arthouse film that focuses more on characters and their interaction and not really narrative driven. Again, like our usual warning, kung bobo ka, huwag mo nang panoorin. 

Movie reviee: A Private War

April 01, 2020
‘ A PRIVATE WAR’ is a biopic on the life of American journalist Marie Colvin who was born in New York but worked as foreign affairs correspondent for London’s The Sunday Times. It’s based on the article “Marie Colvin’s Private War” published in Vanity Fair in 2012. 

Movie review: Netflix's Gerald's game

March 28, 2020
‘GERALD’S Game’ is a Netflix movie based on horror maestro Stephen King’s 1992 book of the same title. It was considered hard to film because it’s about a woman whose hands are chained to a bed and what transpires is mostly based on her memory and inner monologues. Now, Mike Flanagan, who did the hit horror Netflix series, “The Haunting of Hill House” and such horror flicks as “Oculus”, “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “Doctor Sleep”, has filmed it.

Moviie review: Netflix's Black Earth Rising

March 26, 2020
ONE of the serendipitous benefits we got from this corona lockdown is watch outstanding TV series we normally would ignore in streaming channels if we were busy as usual attending presscons and other showbiz events. One of the best we’ve seen is an original Netflix BBC production, “Black Earth Rising”, which tackles the very complex issues involving the Rwandan genocide in 1994 when the Hutu tribe massacred nearly a million members of their rival Tutsi tribe while world leaders just stood by doing nothing. This April, Rwanda will mark the 25th anniversary of that infamous event so this show is very timely.

Movies about pandemics 2

March 20, 2020
WE’RE in our mid-70s, so we’ll be very susceptible to the dreaded corona. In Italy, they no longer give priority to old folks like us. At our age, we cannot recall a time like this when a serious international problem occurs, leading to the shutdowns of malls, moviehouses, air travel, schools, amusement parks, etc. to help prevent the spread of the virus. People keep saying: “Parang sa pelikula lang nangyayari ito.”

Movies about pandemics

March 19, 2020
“PANIC IN THE STREETS” (1950) -- Directed by the Oscar-winning Elia Kazan, this stars Richard Widmark as a doctor with the US public health services who finds a dead man in the docks of New Orleans suspected of carrying a bacteria that might cause pneumonic plague. He has to race against time to save the city while trying his best to convince city officials who doubt him. This is the first movie of the late Jack Palance, who played a friend of the victim that prompted the  investigation.

Movie review: The Invisible Man

March 06, 2020
‘THE Invisible Man’ is originally a novel written by HG Wells in 1897 that was filmed in 1933 starring Claude Rains. The new movie is totally different from the novel, the movie and its other versions on TV. In the opening scene, we see Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss of “The Handmaid’s Tale”) trying to escape from the lavish San Francisco home, with a beautiful view of the ocean, of her lover, Adrian (Oliver Jackson Cohen from “The Haunting of Hill House”) who she has drugged to sleep.

Movie review:On Vodka Beers & Regrets

March 05, 2020
‘ON Vodka, Beers & Regrets’ is this year’s first bonafide hit. It was shown in theaters for about a month. At one point, Viva was already showing their new release, “Untrue”, but there were no viewers watching it, so “On Vodka” was brought back and regained its theaters.

Movie review: 'Untrue'

March 03, 2020
REVENGE is for people who won’t turn the other cheek and refuse to forgive and forget. “An eye for an eye.” In the movies, it’s a favorite theme and constant motivator that makes for an engrossing plotline, involving a lot of scheming and deception to achieve the desired kind of retribution. It’s best served when it’s told in a straightforward manner, like Uma Thurman kicking a lot of asses in “Kill Bill” or Charles Bronson as a vigilante in “Death Wish” that spawned several sequels.

Movie review: 'Bombshell'

February 25, 2020
‘BOMBSHELL’ got acting nominations in the last Oscar rites for Charlize Theron as best actress and Margot Robbie as best supporting actress. It is based on the stories of the women at right-wing cable network Fox News who confronted their CEO, Roger Ailes, for sexual harassment. It’s now showing locally so go, rush to watch it as it might not last very long.

Movie Review: "Little woman"

February 19, 2020
‘LITTLE Women’ by Louisa May Alcott is a well-loved slice of American history focusing on the March family, set during the Civil War in the 1860s. We remember making a book report of it in high school. It has had two silent film versions, but the first movie version we saw was the 1994 film starring Winona Ryder and directed by Gillian Armstrong, the Australian director best known for “Mrs. Soffel” and “My Brilliant Career”.

Movie review: "1917"

February 06, 2020
OF all the good films shown in Hollywood last year, our personal choice as best film is “Marriage Story” because it’s so relatable and both Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver are so splendid as the married couple who decided to part ways. But when it comes to film craft, the most beautifully put together movie of the year is “1917”, directed by Sam Mendes of “American Beauty” and the James Bond film, “Spectre”.