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Macabre zombie novel now streaming on FB

ZombiZOMBI Pilipinas, a chilling and spine-tingling novel about the zombie apocalypse has started streaming on Facebook.

Written by former Philippine Journalists, Inc. and People’s Tonight deskman Nixon A. Canlapan, the novel tells of a deadly adventure of seven journalists who have to wade through the flesh-eating undead to save the country and the world from zombie domination.

The story combines the modern-day health issues spawned by the effects of the COVID-19 virus as well as the zombie-infected virus.

Written in Filipino, Canlapan said the novel takes a swipe at man’s indifference against each other amids society’s problems.

Nixon Canlapan
Author Nixon Canlapan

This is a spine-tingling, frightening and macabre story-telling never before seen in Philippine literature,” he said. “It will leave the readers at the edge of their seat as they scroll down each page,” he added.

Canlapan said the novel will be posted by chapters on Zombi PilipinasFan Page (https://www.facebook.com/Zombi-Pilipinas-111782714066723).

He added the novel will also appear in a blog and will also be posted on Youtube. “I will read it,” he said. You may catch the novel by visiting, liking and following Zombi Pilipinas page.

Zombi Pilipinas will also be read as a continuing novel on People’s Tonight.