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Meet the Best Instagram Video Downloader – SSSGram


Are you wondering does Instagram allow downloading of Instagram videos, stories and reels? Sorry to tell you that you cannot normally do make an Instagram video download. If something is on Instagram, you need to be logged in and online just to view and share that content. This can be a significant inconvenience. However, with the powerful tool SSSGram, you can download all the Instagram content you like within seconds.

What is the best tool to download Instagram videos?

Many online options are offering to allow you to download Instagram videos, but few can give you the features like SSSGram Instagram downloader.

1) Get all content from Instagram in HD

Download all Instagram content relevant to you – download Instagram status photos, videos, profiles, iGTV, or even do Instagram reels download – all in HD! You can even download private Instagram in the up coming future, according to the developer of SSSGram.

2) Download fast with no limits

SSSGram imposes no download caps or limits. Download what you want, as much as you want. Always permanently free!

3) No ads!

No free trials. No freemium upgrades. No artificially-reducing the quality of content to upsell a subscription. An Instagram video downloader that’s fast and without frills!

4) Total safety and privacy

No sign-ups or logins necessary. What you see is what you get, and nothing that requires you to reveal any of your personal information in any way.

5) Available on any device

You can use SSSGram’s download services on any device- no matter if it’s on Android mobile, Apple, Windows, Linux, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, iPad, or any other device. It all works the same way. All you need is an internet connection, it’s ready to use all the time.

How to use SSSGram to download Instagram videos

There are a lot of different reasons why people might want to download an Instagram video, but the most important thing is that they enjoy the video. Now let’s see how to use the mighty SSSGram to download videos in just three steps.

1) Get the link to the video or HD content you want

The Instagram app or website has a way to give you the link in order to share the content. In mobile, this is on top of the post on the three dots at the upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen. Click on the Share Link button that appears.


2) Paste the link into the SSSGram download box

Once the link has been copied, all you need to do is to enter SSSGram’s website and paste it into the empty spot indicated. Click on the “Paste the Instagram Link here” to enter the info when a long press opens a menu to paste copied data.

For PC, it is right-click and Paste.

3) Click Download

On this page you can choose different formats of the download, in this case, you need to choose MP4 format. Once you click the download button, that’s it. You’re done! The download should complete within a few minutes at most. You can then find it on the local storage of your device whenever you want.

Remember that you can download more than just videos

You can download even videos marked private (as long as you are a follower) to track how an Instagram creator is trending and what videos they have been uploading recently.

FAQ about downloading from Instagram and SSSGram

1) Is downloading Instagram videos legal?

When viewing Instagram videos, or any online video for that matter, you do already have to download the media file locally. People are allowed to download videos for archival purposes and personal enjoyment. It is only illegal to alter and share/repost them as if they were yours. Of course, you are also not allowed to use other people’s videos commercially without their permission.

But if you just want to store, share privately, or make a video compilation? You’re all ok.

2) Are the downloaded videos and photos in HD?

Yes, the downloaded Instagram files are downloaded in the original HD quality as you would normally view them. There is no extra compression or reduction in quality as compared to the original content.

3) Is it safe to download videos with SSSGram?

It is perfectly safe. SSSGram has no means to know anything about your account information or sensitive data. In addition, it does not save your download history. You can use SSSGram with no limit or worry about anything.

Want to start creating content with Instagram reels?

SSSGram Instagram reels video downloader is one of the most important tools you have for figuring out trends and creating new viral videos. Whether you’re doing this for fun or your business, you need to really be able to examine your competition.

Build up your collection of the most interesting and shareable videos today! Share content with your friends and family even when offline! Have it all through SSSGram!

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