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Over 2K telco tower permits approved

More than 2,000 permits and clearances to build cell towers filed by telecommunications companies have so far been approved by local government units), Interior and Local Government Sec. Eduardo Año said.

Año said for the past two weeks, an additional 815 applications for cell tower construction have been approved.

“In total, we have approved 2,082 telco tower applications since you have ordered this. There are 637 pending applications. We are now working on these,” he said.

Earlier, he said the LGUs have complied with the order of Duterte to fast-track the process for the construction of cell towers to boost the telecommunication companies’ cellular and internet services.

Makati City Pabakuna

The DILG chief said the application process had already been shortened to 16 days and the required permits were also cut down which made it for the telecommunication companies easier to comply.

He said the telecommunication companies no longer have a reason for the delay in improving their capacities.

The country currently has 17,850 cell sites according to the 2019 3rd Quarter Report by TowerXChange, an informal network advisor in the market tower industry worldwide.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology earlier said the country needs at least 50,000 more cell towers to improve services.