Spending overdrive to fuel 6% growth

August 18, 2019
An economist of ING Bank Manila is hopeful that economic growth would hover about six percent this year despite the weak output in the first half, citing government efforts to boost the economy.

Banks can’t raise ATM fees sans BSP OK

August 14, 2019
“As such, banks cannot increase the ATM fee on their own. In fact, any bank that intends to adjust ATM fees must file its request with the BSP, indicating their proposed fees, as well as the costs currently incurred by the bank with respect to its ATM activities,” it said.

Sustainable growth strategies urged

August 12, 2019
The country’s business leaders have urged companies, including the small and medium enterprises, to infuse sustainability initiatives in their growth strategies to significantly help mitigate risks and ensure the long-term viability of their businesses.

Economy to stay robust –– IMF exec

July 28, 2019
An official of the International Monetary Fund said the multilateral lender's 2019 growth forecast for the coountry, which was slashed by 0.5 percentage points to six percent, remains among the strongest in the region.

‘Very big’ upgrade in telco services soon

July 25, 2019
“Our program for 2020 is that before the end of next year, our people will feel a very big improvement in our telecommunications services nationwide,” Rio said during ‘The Presser’ of the Presidential Communication Operations Office attended by key clusters of the Executive branch at the Philippine Information Agency building in Quezon City.

Philippines ‘ideal’ refuge from US-China trade war

July 25, 2019
"We here, we are getting some. Some companies who are operating here already, they are expanding. If I'm not mistaken there is Cargill which is a medical equipment company, some other companies that instead of investing more in China, they've decided to expand their operations here, I think Procter and Gamble is also one," he said.

Biz leaders laud thrust vs red tape, graft

July 24, 2019
Leaders of three of the country's most influential business groups, the Federation of Philippine Industries, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Philippine Exporters Confederation, agreed that the president’s policy direction to further ease doing business in the country by cutting red tape is a confidence builder.

Landbank can still perform dual role

July 24, 2019
State-owned Land Bank of the Philippines has the financial capacity to extend funding to farmers, as President Duterte has directed, without sacrificing its plan to have majority stake in Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp.

Key economic targets revised

July 23, 2019
Economic managers had tweaked some of government's economic targets such as the inflation assumption this year, which was slashed to 2.7-3.5 percent from three to four percent earlier on sustained deceleration of rate of price increases.

Best tax perks package to boost investment

July 15, 2019
Congress is expected to pass the second package of the Duterte administration’s tax reform agenda, the Tax Reform for Attracting Better and High Quality Opportunities (Hous Bill 313), this time focused on turning the country into a globally competitive investment hub, with the best investment package legislation. .

Fuel marking to curb oil smuggling

July 12, 2019
The DoF chief explained that following the announcement of the fuel marking program's implementation “we noted a steady increase in collections among the ports where petroleum products are regularly imported”.

Economic rebound seen to clock 6%-6.5%

July 09, 2019
The investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group expects the country’s economy to rebound in the second half of this year and grow by six percent to 6.5 percent by yearend on the back of healthy government spending and easing inflation.