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Aboitiz Foundation, DavaoLight upskill Davao teachers through Project Agile

Aboitiz Foundation - DavaoLight Project Agile
Teachers from San Roque Central Elementary School in Davao City attended Project Agile, a 3-day learning series that aims to build the capability of educators to teach online in support of the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) of the Department of Education.

Aboitiz Foundation, in partnership with Davao Light and CitySavings Bank, held the Project Agile Learning Series to upskill 70 teachers of San Roque Central Elementary in Davao City last February 15 to 17, 2022.

The Learning Series is divided into three sessions, two hours per day to upskill the teachers’ knowledge on several google applications such as GMail, Chat, Meets, Task, Keep, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and many more.

“Today, with the uncertainties that the pandemic brings, it is vital that we work together to be able to succeed in overcoming the setbacks and barriers of online learning and teaching. With training and continuous learning, we are all capable of adapting and rising up from these challenges. . So let us take the leap of faith together in having that #studentalways mindset, because technology today has so much more to offer,“ said Aboitiz Foundation President and Chief Operating Officer Maribeth L. Marasigan.

The event was also attended by Mr. Fermin Edillon, Davao Light’s Community Relations Head, Hon. Pilar Braga, Davao City Councilor and Chairperson of the Committee on Education, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, and Dr. Maria Inez Asuncion, Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Education Region XI.

“Project Agile aims to provide teachers with the skill in handling online classes using a digital platform or tool to conduct virtual meetings with learners in a more efficient manner. Now that the teachers of San Roque Central Elementary School have completed the 3-day training, we hope it has enhanced their knowledge and that they can apply such to better handle their online classes.”, Mr. Fermin Edillon shared during the program’s closing ceremony.

Dr. Allan Farnazo, Regional Director of the Department of Education Region XI, extended his message of thanks to Davao Light and Aboitiz Foundation through a recorded video.

“Today we thank Davao Light together with Aboitiz Foundation for conducting the three day Project Agile training for all our teachers [and training them] on the use of an online platform to equip and enhance their skills to efficiently collaborate and conduct online classes. I’m sure this COVID 19 has provided a great test into the kind of competence and skills that we already possess and what we have not acquired yet. By providing us with this added competence to be able to survive is a great contribution that Aboitiz Foundation and Davao Light has provided to us”.

Project Agile was initiated by City Savings Bank in 2020 at the height of COVID-19 where teachers and learners were forced to conduct virtual classes. The program aims to upskill the teachers by teaching them the google applications to help them manage their online classes in fulfillment of the Department of Education’s goal of not leaving any student behind. Since its inception, Project Agile has trained over 2,300 teachers nationwide.

About Aboitiz Foundation

The Aboitiz Foundation is the corporate foundation of the Aboitiz Group that was established in 1988. Its purpose is to drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities through programs on education, enterprise development, and environment. Since its inception in 1988, the Foundation’s CSR interventions have evolved from one-time donations to carefully designed programs that empower its beneficiaries to pursue their aspirations.

Today, the Aboitiz Foundation, through the Aboitiz Business Units, develops and implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs or CSR 2.0 projects that aim to co-create safe, empowered, and sustainable communities. These CSR 2.0 projects are aligned to the Group’s core competencies, are scalable nationwide, and create a deeper social impact on the communities and beneficiaries it serves.

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