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Aboitiz’s Buhisan Watershed Forest Rehabilitation celebrates Four Years of Green Transformation

Watershed Forest Rehabilitation
Marking the 4th year milestone in the Cebu A-Park’s rehabilitation journey. The Aboitiz Group renews its commitment to the Buhisan Rehabilitation project through a tree planting ceremony last December 20, 2023 at the Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve, Barangay Buhisan, Cebu City. (L-R) Hon. Gremar Barete, Buhisan Brgy. Captain and SMU 1 President, Mardi Mapa-Suplido, COO of Aboitiz Foundation Inc., Engr. Raul Lucero, President and COO of Visayan Electric, and Mr. Elvin Uy, the Executive Director of PBSP.

For the fourth year in a row, the Aboitiz Group has conducted the rehabilitation of Cebu A-Park, which will enhance and revitalize the Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve. This initiative forms an integral part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of the Aboitiz Foundation and various Aboitiz business units in Cebu including Visayan Electric, in collaboration with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). The project aligns with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Enhanced National Greening Program, underscoring the commitment of the Aboitiz Group to co-create safe, empowered, and sustainable communities.

This year’s project aims to rehabilitate, protect, and conserve 30 hectares of the Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve. With plans for planting over 150,000 seedlings, establishing a riparian, and creating a butterfly sanctuary, the project demonstrates the Aboitiz Group’s dedication to nature-based carbon emission management through its flagship program, A-Park.

As the Aboitiz Group embarks on its Great Transformation to become the Philippines’ first Techglomerate, sustainability takes center stage. The ongoing partnership between the Aboitiz Group and PBSP under the Cebu A-Park program is vital for the continued rehabilitation of the protected forest, addressing the impending water crisis in Metro Cebu, and stands as a beacon of hope and environmental stewardship. Over the planned five-year program, the initiative not only focuses on environmental conservation but also provides sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities.

“For us in the Aboitiz Group, sustainability is an integral part of our Great Transformation journey. We will stay actively focused on developing environmentally and socially impactful initiatives for all our stakeholders, as we continue to advance business and communities,” said Aboitiz Foundation Chief Operating Officer Mardi Mapa-Suplido.

Year 4 of the Cebu A-Park VECO-Buhisan Watershed Forest Rehabilitation Project marks a milestone in this sustainable journey. The project addresses climate change and supports the DENR’s Enhanced National Greening Program. Managing environmental impacts and taking innovative climate action are integral to the Aboitiz Group’s #OneNew Aboitiz Sustainability Synergy, reflecting its commitment to confront critical environmental challenges.

The Buhisan Project, part of A-Park, has played a pivotal role in reforestation efforts, adopting 150 hectares in the Buhisan Watershed. Through partnerships and community engagement, the project ensures a stable water supply for Metro Cebu while providing livelihood opportunities for local organizations.

“Visayan Electric is committed to ensure that this project will continue not just for the environment but also to ensure the steady supply of water to Cebu,” said Engr. Raul Lucero.

Future goals for the Buhisan Project will include planting over 250,000 native trees, achieving an 80% survival rate, establishing a central tree nursery, and creating a two-kilometer riparian. With sustainability at the core of the Great Transformation, the Aboitiz Group remains committed to developing initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

This sustainable partnership exemplifies the Aboitiz Group’s dedication to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals. The Group will continue to collaborate, work towards a sustainable future, and co-create a better world for generations to come.

About Aboitiz Foundation

The Aboitiz Foundation is the corporate foundation of the Aboitiz Group that was established in 1988. Its purpose is to drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities through programs on education, enterprise development, and environment. Since its inception in 1988, the Foundation’s CSR interventions have evolved from one-time donations to carefully designed programs that empower its beneficiaries to pursue their aspirations.

Today, the Aboitiz Foundation, through the Aboitiz Business Units, develops and implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs or CSR 2.0 projects that aim to co-create safe, empowered, and sustainable communities. These CSR 2.0 projects are aligned to the Group’s core competencies, are scalable nationwide, and create a deeper social impact on the communities and beneficiaries it serves.

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