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CTG’s Lies and Deceptions Exposed

This is in relation to an article about stopping the practice of exposing the Communist Front Organizations (CFOs). Why would someone do such when it is a way to uncover the deceptions and lies of the CPP-NPA-NDF? Why would you stop exposing those who would only want to overthrow the government and have their selfish motives be effected?

The insurgency remains a serious national security concern. But with the sustained peace and security activities in line with the NTF-ELCAC efforts, the level of insurgency has been significantly reduced and its program objectives have gained headway since it was launched and embraced by the communities.

And one of its activities is debunking the lies of the CPP-NPA-NDF by exposing the CFOs and how they operate and recruit their members using these organizations. By exposing who they really are, we get to know what they are up to. For the last five decades, they are still existing because of these deceptive recruitment that they are doing for all of the vulnerable sectors, especially the youth.

If these such efforts will not be continued, then, we will be again facing a big problem. It’s like we were already almost finished with winning the race but all of a sudden, we stopped our cause because someone suggested to stop exposing those who would want to hurt and manipulate the lives of our fellow Filipinos. I hope that all of the efforts in ending the insurgency will not only be put to waste because of such move.

I wish that both the National and Local government authorities would continue their efforts in finally ending the local communist armed conflict. I also enjoin everyone to stop supporting the lawless elements of our society. It’s time to unite as one in our pursuit of freedom, peace, and stability.

Robert M Marquez
Lagangilang, Abra

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