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Find love, hope, and faith in ‘Kaibigan: The Series’ on GMA-7

FUEL your Saturday mornings with an inspiring coming-of-age drama that will help viewers understand how people from all walks of life, especially teenagers, cope with the new normal via ‘Kaibigan: The Series.’

Kaibigan: The Series
Kaibigan: The Series

In the series, twins Jesse and Christian Perkins, YouTube vlogger Janina Vela, and Kapuso actress Lianne Valentin are four friends trying to navigate the ups and downs of life in the time of COVID-19: facing issues, chasing goals, and dealing with family problems.

Jesse plays the school basketball captain David Santos. He is trying to be the good son his brother never was, so he needs to work hard in everything he does.

Christian is Jake Anderson. He is also a basketball athlete, but he was expelled from Academy High. As he transferred to National High, he was able to gain his reputation and dignity with the help of his friends.

Meanwhile, Janina portrays the cheerful Kylie Kino who started a video blog to get through quarantine, affirming that no man is an island.

Lastly, catch Lianne as Anna Torres. She was a childhood friend of both David and Kylie who had to migrate to Japan. Now back in Manila after five years, Anna tries to find her footing again and realizes she’s not as strong as she thinks she is.

Every episode also tackles a wide range of topics that millennials deal with in this day and age – from coping with anxiety to maintaining relationships and finding hope amidst the chaos.

Join David, Jake, Kylie, and Anna as they explore life in ‘Kaibigan: The Series’ every Saturday, 8:45 am on GMA Network.