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How to Become a Crypto Investor for $1.5: NordFX Secret

We only trade with NordFX
“We only trade with NordFX!“— this motto has already been supported by hundreds of traders in the Philippines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of billions of people around the planet and has hit not only their health, but also their financial well-being. However, there are very realistic ways to change your life for the better, even if your capital is only a few tens of dollars.

Not so long ago, mass media spread the news of how an ordinary 35-year-old woman named Sarinya, a saleswoman of bags and small accessories, engaged in Forex trading, could increase her capital by 70 times in just one (!) month!

Indeed, financial markets offer just ordinary people unique, sometimes stunning opportunities, if only one has tenacity and desire. That is why the online trading of currencies and cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular throughout Southeast Asia, and the Philippines is no exception.

Just ten years ago, the number of Filipino traders could be counted on the fingers, but today they are tens and hundreds of thousands. The country regularly hosts large specialized exhibitions and seminars, one of the main participants and organizers of which is the international brokerage company NordFX.

Over the past few years, seminars aimed at studying trading in the foreign exchange, stock and cryptocurrency markets have been held in cities such as Davao, Tagum, Panabo and General Santos, bringing together hundreds of participants, including both beginners and experienced traders.

Ms. Sarinya handbag saleswoman made 7000% profit in one month. (Not necessarily)

“Manila, Bukidnon, Cavite, Baguio, Laguna, Batangas, Cebu are just some of the places where seminars are also held and will be held,” the organizers say. “Our task is not just to acquaint the Forex community of the Philippines with the opportunities and advantages offered by the brokerage company NordFX. The main thing is that the participants of the seminars receive the knowledge, thanks to which their trade will become more successful and profitable. ” (By the way, Ms. Sarinya earned her 7000% profit with the help of NordFX).

To date, clients from 190 countries have opened more than 1.500.000 trading accounts with NordFX, most of which belong to traders from Southeast Asia, who have already appreciated the uniqueness and quality of the services that this broker provides them.

“The main mission of our company,” says John Gordon, currency strategist at NordFX, “is to make trading in the financial markets affordable and profitable for the wider population. That is why we constantly monitor the capabilities of our customers, creating the most comfortable trading conditions for them. We understand that most people living in Southeast Asia can hardly be attributed to the rich strata of the population, so you can open an account with us with only $10. And, for example, you can make a trade of 1 bitcoin, with its current price of $10,000, with only $150 in your account. Considering that the minimum transaction volume at NordFX is 0.01 bitcoin, you can become a crypto investor by investing only one and a half dollars!”

In addition to cryptocurrencies, the company’s clients can also sell and buy oil, gold, silver, shares of the world’s largest companies and currencies of various countries. And, for example, for transactions with currencies, NordFX will instantly and without any collateral provide you with a loan that is 1000 times higher than your own capital. Thus, with only $10 in your account, you will be able to make transactions in the amount of $10,000. If your deposit is $1000, then the volume of your financial transactions can reach a fantastic figure of one million dollars!

It is natural that such unique opportunities could not go unnoticed and were highly appreciated by the professional community. NordFX has won awards such as the Best Forex Broker Asia 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2019, as well as the Best Crypto Broker Asia 2017.

But in addition to trading conditions, the safety of clients’ funds is also important. Over 10 years of work, NordFX specialists gained extensive experience in repelling hacker attacks. And, unlike all sorts of crypto exchanges, there has been no hacking and no single penny has been lost from the clients’ funds during this period. As a result, clients have received a reliable partner, and the company has received several more awards, including the Most Trusted Broker – 2016 and 2017. (The Forex Awards and ShowFX World) and Most Reliable Cryptocurrency Broker – 2018. (Global Brands Awards).