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Inigo, Moophs team up with top reggae artists Bimwala and J Boog

Catching Feelings
Inigo Pascual, Moophs, Leslie “Bimwala” Ludiazo and J Boog

INIGO Pascual and Moophs’ 2019 hit song “Catching Feelings” gets infused with a reggae and African vibe as they collaborate with Grammy-nominated producer Leslie “Bimwala” Ludiazo and one of Hawaii’s biggest reggae acts J Boog for the song’s newest remix to be released this Friday (December 11).

“Out of all the remixes and the versions we’ve done for ‘Catching Feelings,’ this one is definitely my favorite. It just feels big that a song I wrote on my own could be appreciated and worked on by Bimwala and J Boog,” Inigo enthused.

The collaboration was born in 2019 when Inigo met Bimwala while on tour in Hawaii for “Catching Feelings.” The Honolulu-based producer and musical director was already a ‘big fan’ of the song and wanted to incorporate a reggae sound to it, on top of Manila-based producer and Tarsier Records’ founder Moophs’ already great beat.

Bimwala said that a fellow producer named JR Blender inspired him in creating his remix of the track. “I grew up listening to his reggae remixes. I definitely see this song playing in movies and on the radio.”

Another monumental detail in the project is J Boog’s involvement—who wrote and performed an all-new verse for the remix—since it is the first time that an artist from the Philippines has collaborated on an island reggae song with one of Hawaii’s top reggae artists.

“Inigo’s words inspired me to write the third verse. By giving him insight on my personal experiences, I wanted my words to show catching feelings is more than just falling in love with a pretty face,” the reggae singer explained.

Moophs and Inigo’s international collaboration with Bimwala and J Boog follows their recent release “Always,” an island pop track influenced by afrobeat and dancehall music penned by Vince Nantes with help from Sam Concepcion.

Pre-save “Catching Feelings” Bimwala Remix feat. J Boog here and watch out as it drops on all digital streaming platforms this Friday (December 11). For more updates, like Tarsier Records on Facebook (www.facebook.com/tarsierrecords), and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@tarsierrecords).