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Jonah Chipeco: From freelance moonlighting to Asia’s writerpreneur

Jonah Chipeco

A WRITERPRENEUR is a writer who has the mind of a businessperson.

Jonah Chipeco, chief trainer and founder of Writing Hacks Academy, is known as Asia’s Writerpreneur in the Philippine freelancing world.

Jonah uses her creative gifts to form income-generating opportunities as an entrepreneur. She utilizes the power of writing as her foundation in solving her clients’ and students’ problems. Her writing skills are the building blocks of her business.

As a writerpreneur, she combines her passion for writing and entrepreneurship to produce and deliver information products that clients can study, use, or sell.

Jonah’s story as an entrepreneur began in 2011. She did multiple side-income projects in freelance writing, event organizing, and selling branded bags on top of her day job as a marketing manager. A life-changing accident in 2015 made her acknowledge her dream of becoming a resource speaker. She desired to coach people and write books.

In 2016, she started as a freelance writer and trainer in the Philippines. Jonah eventually founded Writing Hacks Academy — an online school where she launched her workshops, ebooks, and online courses to help entrepreneurs and freelancers use their writing skills in realizing their personal and business goals.

Since then, Jonah has delivered more than 70+ public seminars in partnership with credible training institutions in the Philippines. She became a thought leader featured by media organizations such as Inc. Southeast Asia, Marketing in Asia, WheninManila.com, Eagle News Philippines, and DWBL 1242 AM.

Indeed, Jonah Chipeco proves that you can be who you want to become in today’s digital age. Being transparent and honest about what you want in life while taking action is worth it. Your passion can be your profession once you exert efforts to look at how you can serve through your skills.

She is undeniably the one and only Asia’s Writerpreneur.