Coping with COVID-19 stress

If any of your family member, relative or friend or even you, have this condition, this information can help you handle the crisis easily. Remember, during this crisis, it is normal to feel stressed, angry (because people do not follow the government’s home quarantine order), confused, and scared that you might get infected or any of your relatives with the virus.

Yummy substitute for eggs

* Banana. Banana can provide a density similar to eggs in your cookies. To use banana as a substitute, peel it, place the fruit in a food processor and pulse until it is smooth. Add 1/4 cup of pureed banana for each egg in your recipe. If you don't have a food processor, mash the banana with a fork. By using a banana as a substitute, your baked good may not brown as much as it would with the inclusion of an egg, but banana does provide the needed moisture.

SM committed in fighting COVID-19

THROUGH its social good arm, SM Foundation (SMFI), SM has already provided several critical medical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPEs), N95 masks, surgical masks, alcohol, goggles, face shields, gloves, ventilators, and many more to more than 100 hospitals—both public and private—nationwide.

Docu on Aeta teacher wins in K Channel tilt

A DOCU about an Aeta teacher who treks to her class for four to five hours in Sitio Tarukan in Capas, Tarlac to teach Aeta children took top honors in the Knowledge Channel’s “3rd Class Project: Intercollegiate Mini-Documentary Competition” and will soon be aired on Knowledge Channel and streamed on iWant. 

Public told: Improper use, handling of disinfectants pose serious health risks

“While it is critical for all household members to not only observe strict home quarantine, proper hand washing, personal hygiene practices, the public should exercise caution when using these chemical-based cleaning and disinfectant products as they may pose risk when used indiscriminately, beyond their intended use, and inconsistently with label instructions,” FDA said in its advisory.