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Maharlika Wealth Fund: Product of Imitation

Made in the Philippines

The BBM administration is making some strides in addressing the economy. Wonderful. However, it needs sonar for direction finding in its programs, such as the Maharlika Wealth Fund which, obviously, is an idea whose time should not come until the nation can breathe freely and can solve government corruption.

Unless Congress deliberations and media discussions on this dumb/untimely overture are focused on the right things, the country or our legislators are bound to bite the dust and jump into faulty conclusions to make a wrong/tragic decision. Has there ever been an instance anywhere in the world wherein a right decision was done at the wrong time? Get blinkers off.

Why listen only to yourself and your party mates? This controversial thing you call MWF is not about politics. It’s about the nation’s future, and it may even be a life and death issue for some or countless Filipinos who have been gasping for breath just to survive the hard vicissitudes of their existence as humans. Do you really think we can afford to gamble with what’s left of us as a struggling, begging nation?

Filipino Corruption

To be able to win critics/antagonists to their side, the few believers of this MWF bill, otherwise known as Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), with its authors/proponents in the Lower House, are using “safeguards” as a defense and to allay fears, doubts and resistance. But what safeguards are they talking about when nobody among them or none of our officials can even safeguard (until now) the limited funds that we have in the government’s coffers?

Hence, the continuous prevalence of corruption among “public servants,” blatant, bold and massive. Hence, the approval of the “sacred” confidential and intel funds and assorted pork barrels in the national budget, intact and untouched.

The issue is not the potential “benefits” of this so-called “wealth fund” (or poverty fund) can bring, but the fact that we are Filipinos exactly as we are today, beleaguered by depravity in government and society, with all the trolls and fake news spreading and ruling around, and given the bitter realities we currently face in the country. Why talk about MWF or SWF at this time when we should be grinding on WDCP or Working on Developing our Capacity to Produce and RGC or Ridding the Government of Crocodiles?

The Maharlika Wealth Fund is no brainchild of anyone, but a mere product of (unwise) imitation. Scrap it, not change it.

CopycatDon’t we realize that because of our penchant to imitate other countries, we have long ago lost our identity as a people and nation? Even products that are labeled “Made in Indonesia,” “Made in Malaysia,” “Made in Thailand,” “Made in Vietnam” and “Made in Bangladesh” have all grown to gain respectability in the world market. But who’s looking for products “Made in the Philippines”? Nobody, not even Filipinos. Pathetic. Grabe.

I believe in democracy. The trouble is, we have ours patterned (imitated) after another nation’s democracy, when all the world knows we are not Americans. Thus, where have our “democracy” brought us?


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