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Eulogy for 2020

GOODBYE, 2020.

No death will probably be ever welcomed with as much overflowing joy as that of yours.

You are perhaps one of God’s most detested yet exacting creations. For like a serial killer, you struck without warning, sans a peep.

And you will forever be synonymous with your evil gift to the world —COVID-19.

Goodbye, 2020.

As you gasp your last breath, you continue to unleash your doomsday toxins.

Your friends — Death, Despair, Depression and Hunger —- must be joyously celebrating in their circle dance.

Yet despite your vile ways, you have taught us COVID survivors the most bittersweet lessons in life.

These are appreciating every beautiful second that we breathe, loving family and everybody more intensely, and never ever taking anything for granted.

And that despite man’s strength and intelligence, there is a Divine force which is most powerful, and all knowing.

Life is short. And it can become shorter in a blink.

So give, forgive, live, love and laugh until it hurts.

Goodbye, 2020.

No existence perhaps has given humankind a wake up call more jolting and maddening than yours. Because of you, mothers have lost children, people are grieving over entire families, countries have become dysfunctional, and the world is millions of lives emptier.

As you leave, please do us all a favor.

Take your apocalyptic residues with you.

Let 2021 clean up your mess.

And allow the new year to bring our lives back, and make us breathe again.


Goodbye, 2020.

Humankind must be unanimous with one resounding message: Vaya con Dios. And good riddance.


If tomorrow never comes.

This Ronan Keating ditty couldn’t be more apt during these trying times. It speaks of a man wondering if he had given the love he should have given if, what if.

Will she know how much I loved her?,” he ponders in the song.

Amid COVID, I initially wanted to come up with my ‘if tomorrow never comes’ list. But then I decided it was too morbid and fate-taunting.

Instead, I am closing 2020 with a message of love, gratitude, apology and prayer.

Thank you to family and friends who stood by me, through ups and downs, despite and amid your personal trials.

Special mention to my kids Grace & Neil and RJ & G2, my husband DOT attache to New York Franky, my dearest boss Sir Gus, as well as my siblings Ate Marie & Papa Mike and Kuya Pido, Cacai and their son, Karl.

My heartfelt gratitude to the Lardizabal clan (Manong Junior and Manang Emma, Manang Tessie and Manong Ed, Celying and Jun, Carol and Ramon, Rene’s Evelyn, Ferdy and Judy, Chita’s George, Manong Art’s Manang Florie, Kiteng’s Manang Willie, Sinte’s Manang Rose and their respective warm broods) for welcoming me with the purest love and embracing hearts.

And my deepest apologies to those I have hurt — wittingly and unwittingly.

May the Lord give us all brighter, healthier, more blessed and endless tomorrows. Keep the faith.

Happy 2021 everyone!

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