Inflation dropping below 0.9% possible

October 24, 2019
“The inflation outlook for the rest of the year is, it will at least go sideways or lower,” MB member Bruce Tolentino told journalists in an interview after the Bankers Institute of the Philippines general membership meeting in Makati City.

No ‘vulnerabilities’ in banking system –– FSCC

September 28, 2019
“As I have said all along, growth must be our top-of-mind policy objective and the global conditions do not change our resolve,” stated Governor Diokno, highlighting that having better infrastructure is key, specifically the government’s Build, Build, Build program. “From the standpoint of the FSCC, one of our objectives is to make infrastructure financing viable and this is why we are focusing in particular on deepening the capital market,” Bangko Sentral and FSCC Chairman Diokno said.

Dar assures rice import safeguards

September 25, 2019
“So, I have taken the necessary steps and the direction where we will enforce legal measures during these times when we have greatly exceeded the volume needed to fill up the slack in national rice supply, most particularly in Metro Manila and major urban rice consumption centers,” the DA chief added.

P300M sought to fund innovation law

September 25, 2019
The Department of Trade and Industry is seeking an initial P200 million to P300-million revolving fund for the implementation next year of a new law supporting the innovation activities especially of micro, small and medium enterprises and enable them to become part of the global market.

Gov’t spending seen to boost Q3 growth

September 20, 2019
Cielito Habito, former NEDA chief and now a professor at Ateneo de Manila University, cited the global growth forecast of the International Monetary Fund at 3.2 percent in 2019, with growth coming from emerging markets and developing economies, including the Philippines.

Tax hikes, lower consumption, less collection

September 19, 2019
Citing the group’s position paper submitted to the Senate Ways and Means Committee, DSAP president Olivia Limpe-Aw, in a statement, said industry data has shown that “too much” tax hikes may result in lower revenues and tax yield for the government due to lower consumption.

Consumers rally to stop Meralco-owned firms from forcing more coal in Ph

September 19, 2019
“A1E has repeatedly tried and failed to get the 1,200 MW Atimonan power station up and running despite strong opposition from the public. Every step of the way, the proponents have tried to deceive and cut corners just so the plant could secure funding and permits,” said Ian Rivera of the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, citing the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment, which did not recognize the pollution it would cause and specify on its mitigation mechanisms, the pending case against it and other coal projects funded by the World Bank - IFC, and its questionable acquisition of the Certificate of Energy Project of National Importance through Executive Order 30.

‘Mining ‘essential’ to nat’l dev’t

September 13, 2019
The religious leader and canon law expert made the remarks as the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines has bared the composition of its Community of Interest advisory panel as the organization of the country’s biggest large-scale mining firms prepares to roll out Towards Sustainable Mining –a set of tools and indicators to drive performance and ensure that key mining risks are managed responsibly, and best practices are used at members’ facilities.

Yanking PH into economic modernity

September 03, 2019
The Department of Finance has stressed the need to complete the passage of the remaining packages of the Duterte administration’s comprehensive tax reform program to ensure a reliable revenue base that would help support the modernization of the economy and ensure the equitable sharing of funds for the government’s social and infrastructure programs, while securing fiscal stability long into the future.