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Way to Stop Political Killings

Roel Degamo

Why do politicians kill each other? Obvious: Because of power, money, insanity. In short, corruption. Politics and corruption have become synonymous with each other in our country and they are the root, the very root, not only of political killings, but all the problems we have as a people.

“Public servants” will hardly think right because they always tend to think first and foremost about themselves, their family names, re-election, “survey” standing and political future, with the interest of the nation often on the back burner.

Glance at both Houses of Congress nowadays. It’s a circus. They are engrossed in wanting to change the constitution (and our performing Senate president) when they should be busy changing themselves to be able to correctly address the numerous pressing issues at hand and solve our problems ultimately. Incongruous.

They seem to be on another planet. Vote them all out in the succeeding elections. Carve that in tablets of stone. Send them back to where they belong. Things happen for a reason except that there’s no reason for clowns. “The world does need changing, society needs changing, the nation needs changing, but we never will change it until we ourselves are changed.”Billy Graham


What does a political dynasty have to do with murdering our local and national officials? Well, it is the main cause in fact, with the perpetrators either as part of political dynasties or have the craving to remain in power (eternally) via their immediate family members and clans as successors one after another, forever and ever. Truly dynastic. Oh, the blinding grip and allurements of power and mammon.

Each and every politics-related violence that happened in the past involved vultures and politicians that belong to such groups (directly or indirectly) whether or not the killings (and stealings) occurred during election periods. Need I mention names? Have we forgotten the grisly 2009 Maguindanao massacre or the Maragondon Massacre as far back as 1952?

Demolish political dynasty and you dismantle private armies. It is the way to stop political killings and crush/avert corruption on massive scale, Mr. President.

Political gangsterism normally stems from heated political rivalries among warring political dynasties.

Private Armies

The recent murder of Gov. Roel Degamo, with eight others as collateral damage, is another soul-jolting crime/horror that sends the same compelling message: Put an end to “political dynasty.” Craft a law that would prohibit such a vicious habit by politicians. But, alas, with nearly three fourth of our legislators belonging to political dynasties and with all others (perhaps) looking forward to following their footsteps by likewise having their wives/husbands, brothers/sisters, children, grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, etc. as their political “inheritors,” how can it be possible?

Impossible indeed, unless the Almighty intervenes. (Ezekiel 22:27, Isaiah 1:23, Isaiah 10:1, Proverbs 28:15, Psalm 125:3, Proverbs 29:2).

“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.” – James Byrnes.

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